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Comment Re:who committed it? why? (Score 1) 133

It's already possible to boot up a Linux distro, regardless of the state of the touch screen... the UEFI on the Surface x86 devices (not ARM hardware) can have secure boot disabled. The TPM is engaged by the bootloader and OS, it doesn't lock you out from making changes to the disk if you disable secure boot and write your own filesystem.

Secure Boot and the TPM (on the x86 Surface devices) are less about locking you out from running thirdparty software and more about preventing malware and other undesirable software from running on the device. Sure it can be used to lock you out on devices that don't allow you to disable secure boot, but that's just not this device.

Comment Re:Developing Applications (Score 5, Informative) 178

Windows RT contains a complete Win32 API environment (all the standard DLLs are there: kernel32.dll, user32.dll, etc).

Visual Studio 2012 comes with the ARM compiler, so building executables is fairly easy. The restriction, to not allow ARM Win32 applications, only came late in the development cycle, so it's really only hacked in. Visual Studio will even allow native development for ARM applications, going as far to remote debugging the application, by simply adding a "enabled" setting to the ARM manifest file.

The Windows RT SDK for building executables is not required to link existing applications, only a library file is required and that is easily built (in the XDA thread, a tool was posted that builds library files from live DLLs).

Comment Re:Inequality is not a problem (Score 1) 631

I don't know about you but I wasn't born with MDP or some other degenerative disease. I'm not equal to those people and they're not equal to me.

If you're saying that we all have the same opportunity, then you're wrong too. Bill Gates' children started out with more opportunity and will go on to continue to have more opportunity than I. They'll never worry about paying rent or having to maintain their car for example, let alone what type of company they'll run and whether or not they'll do so indirectly or directly.

The constitution sure has some nice ideas and declarations in it, but it's certainly not how it really is... and not how it was back then.

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