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Comment Re:What are the practical results of this? (Score 1) 430

You're forgetting about 1968 (yes, some of us are old enough to remember 1968), when George Wallace (American Independent Party), actually carried 5 states to the tune of 46 Electoral Votes, far eclipsing Perot's (who I voted for) percentage in 1992.

Now, Wallace was a lunatic, granted, but, it can happen. It has happened. It just needs to happen again.

Comment Depends upon the device (Score 1) 488

On my iPad Mini, 7 doesn't seem perceptibly any faster or slower than 6.1.x -- just different, which is a topic for another thread.

My iPhone 4S, however, is a different story. It does indeed feel noticeably choppier/more sluggish in some respects. The dropping-out-of-warp starfield simulation the icons do when unlocking, for instance, often seems quite herky-jerky. There are other, intermittent, occurrences where the OS seems to just pause for a moment or two while it performs some sort of background process (clearing/swapping RAM contenets, perhaps), that just makes the whole experience of using the phone a tad more Jedi/Zen-like -- "patience, my young padawan". My 4S has only 16GB of storage, but 3GB free, so swapping RAM contents *shouldn't* be a problem of available space, no?

And now if you'll permit me to mix metaphors -- that's my two cents, your mileage may vary.

Comment Re:Seems just as safe as ever... (Score 1) 1148

So, your old car, built in 1998, gets approximately 50 MPG. Your new car is rated by its manufacturer to get anywhere from about 32.5 to about 48.5 MPG. No matter how you slice it, the car built 13 years ago gets better mileage than the one you're waiting for now. That doesn't exactly inspire me with confidence. Granted, I've never heard of either of those vehicles, so I don't know if one is much larger than the other or not. Still, on the surface, it doesn't sound as if we're making much progress in this area.

Comment In 1981... (Score 1) 262

...back when "Late Night With David Letterman" first came on the air after his morning show was cancelled, he started doing Johnny Carson's "Stump the band" bit again. In a very early broadcast, he asked the audience member whose turn was next what he did for a living.

The contestant replied: "I'm a software engineer".

Letterman looked bewildered, turned to the crowd and said: "Software Engineer? Does that mean anything to anybody here?"

Even when the fellow tried to explain it, it didn't seem to register with anyone, least of all Letterman.

And that was a mere 13 years earlier.

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