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Comment Re:My first first? (Score 1) 253

Bingo! Unless the reporter spent time with those actually performing the comparative analysis and saw convincing evidence of that claim, it's usually safe to assume that General Wombat liked his iPhone and directed the "research" team to show why it's better. How many will sacrifice their army careers just to tell the truth about which phone is better? If someone is particularly incensed about it, they'll likely seek a transfer or retire or quit at the end of their next term.

Comment Re:Old dog, old tricks (Score 1) 377

Resources that browsers use depend on website design. There are some areas in which Edge won't beat the others on power efficiency, and those might be the areas that MS's own websites avoid in preference to those design features offering Edge the most advantage. This is clearly anti-trust, and this is what should be investigated. But that MS was never broken up into Internet, Applications, and OS businesses illustrates just how unenforced anti-trust laws are.

Comment Agree on all 6 counts (Score 1) 595

I hope the backlash takes a notch or two out of Apple's arrogance. Making some other thinner analog connector for which very cheap analog adapters could exist might be defensible in the name of thickness or water resistance, but eliminating a wired analog headphone port is flat out insulting to customers.

Comment Excellent model, not new (Score 1) 184

A town in which I once lived built a cable TV system somewhat similarly. They contracted the building of the infrastructure and granted the builder the first year of service. After that, potential service providers (only one per year for all users; programming service plus hardware maintenance for the system) competed for the annual contract. Annual competitions meant that that town's cable TV system offered far more at significantly lower prices than any other municipality around. The infrastructure belonged to the city, and contracts to upgrade/expand it could be set up when necessary. I've never seen a better model for that, and Ammon looks to have implemented a modern equivalent for Internet service (instant competition being possible due to technology improvements).

A word of warning for Ammon: that town's system changed to an inferior model due to corruption—large cable companies bought the city council (to change the rules) and especially the state legislature (to preempt such an arrangement). Do everything you can now legally to make a poison pill of the whole thing for any potential predators. That is, make it so it cannot be profitable within any reasonable time frame to discourage those guys from buying it away from citizens.

Comment Sometimes looking in the wrong places... (Score 2) 160

A lot of noise is made about foreigners buying influence (over US legislators and executives), but we don't hear much about blackmail. Which might mean that it's been very successful. If Wikileaks can find stuff in emails to get people in trouble, certainly the Russians can find stuff in emails with which to blackmail. The beauty of blackmail is that it's the gift that keeps on giving. The more you succumb to it, the more grip the blackmailer has over you.

Comment Re:Not senile, just falling for old philosophy (Score 1) 951

So... some people believe there was a Creator but that He doesn't frequently intervene. Others believe the Creator intervenes frequently. Sim players might be classified the same way—some set everything up and kick off the sim and observe, while others tinker with it while it's ongoing, or pause it and tinker, then restart at the "same" point.

Comment noisy (Score 2) 156

Hum? All the time? Come on, what we don't need is more noise. More than any other vehicles, Google cars are aware of potentially intruding objects. Make the sounds when they might help. Do not make sounds when unnecessary. What is it about current society that wants noise all the time?

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