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Comment Can't see how... (Score 2) 164

...a national government can fix this, and I believe in appropriate laws and regulations. Unless we wall off the internet into national subnets, and I sure don't want that. I can imagine an international organization in which states become members by agreeing to track and prosecute DDOSers and manufacturers of insecure devices and disallow nonmember states from connecting. Works for a year or two until scope creep turns the organization into a surveillance and enforcement nightmare.

Comment Re:Mathematica is pay to play only (Score 1) 241

BASIC is one of the worst ways to start anyone in anything. I've written more lines of various dialects of BASIC than anything else, and they all suck, especially for beginners. I can almost forgive those guys at Dartmouth for inventing it, but not people like Gates who pushed it after it became obvious how bad it was.

Carefully constructed lessons/projects involving JavaScript would still be my top choice. It's an excellent language and providing something that kids can use on their own everywhere for instant gratification and to construct things of an interactive nature is important in the early learning stages (the ONLY possible reason to use anything BASIC).

Comment We are and we're not (Score 1) 537

Who says we're not? Lots of things have been improved. However, many have allowed their efforts to be directed towards profit-making ventures that improve nothing more than some "entrepreneur"'s wallet size. This is where a strong union with a lot of participation could help. Not one like UAW that's focused on money and wages, but one that focuses on preventing techies from being abused (and eliminating H-1B).

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