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Comment Re:Whats really being asked (Score 2) 269

The government may be crooked and bloated but if we don't pay for the government, those bitcoins would be worthless in the US anyway. This is the land of the free, as in the people are free to do as they wish (in theory) as long as it doesn't effect anyone else. Not a place where the land, or any other property, is free of any obligation.

Comment Re:In 30 years we got... (Score 1) 213

1. Meh, saw Avatar in 3D, 3D wasn't bad but I will not pay the premium for 3D again... should not have paid the price in general for Avatar.
2. Very nice, though at the same time there have been significant home theater picture and sound.
3. Meh, don't think any of the local theaters ever installed this.
4. Ebbeh! This innovation leads to more Netflix.
5. Meh, I've never purchased tickets online, if the theater is so packed I need to, I don't really want to be there.

Amusing list of innovations though.

Comment Re:Come on, not that "Terminator" BS again... (Score 1) 407

The story makes me wonder a little if there was a mistake in the safety lockouts or general software if the machine that killed her was never supposed to work in the area she was in. However I agree most problems are with not following safety procedures. Stating someone has worked safely on certain machines for years says nothing about how safe they are working with them. Someone can cross busy roads not on a crosswalk many times before getting run over.

Comment Re: Real coders? (Score 1) 338

I haven't seen many that are very good at that. Providing prototypes and asking how it should really be done doesn't seem to result very well. I get much better feedback from clients when I ask them, you haven't said what the software should do under these conditions. So most of the time is spent finding the gaps in the specification for them and ask how to fill it in, rather than giving them the prototype and asking how to improve.

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