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Comment Re:Which is worse, Verizon or Comcast? (Score 1) 180

Comcast is really bad. But when you live in area that actually has competition they get better.

Ex. In my area ATT began a fiber rollout and Comcast suddenly discovered customer service and competitive pricing.

That is one thing I respect about Charter, no competition in my area but the customer service is pretty good. Though maybe I'm just lucky.

Comment Re:Well.... (Score 1) 140

Yeah, it sucks that radiation leads to increased cancer rates. My biggest problem is I can never find numbers in these studies of how many more people are getting cancer, and if a "significant" increase is hundreds, thousands or doubling a 0.1% chance to 0.2%.

Alternatively, coal and oil power is believed to have contributed to the death of hundreds of thousands. Even renewables such as wind and solar are believed to have killed more than nuclear power:

Comment Re:God damnit (Score 1) 52

Kind of sounds like the difference between traditional and cloud based servers. With traditional server you know exactly what you are dealing with, with cloud based there could be any combination of resources being used to address your needs (hopefully in the most efficient way possible). Probably the main addition being self adapting.

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