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Comment Re:I haven't bought a BluRay in about a year (Score 1) 312

BluRay? I don't even own a player for BluRay and have all the movies I care to own. Maybe if they stop making DVDs but until then, BluRay is just a more expensive DVD to me. Though I agree there isn't much worth buying on DVD for some time now. Maybe it is just a result getting older (depending on your definition of 35 being older) and all new and wonderful movies just remind me of something I've seen.

Comment Re:"developed an artificial intelligence(AI) progr (Score 1) 153

Calling it a machine learning program is probably accurate. These are self taught predictors but there is still a lot of human involvement to calibrate the learning
My personal feelings is AI should refer to something that learns independently or in a black box manner. I think some neural networks can do this at a simple level but I don't know of any complex independent learning done by any computer programs.

Comment Re:300k for a billion addresses? Pah! (Score 1) 71

Just wait 'til they sell the trillion mail addresses at mailinator!

My Yahoo mail might get one more spam e-mail a day that slips through the filters? I use Yahoo as my throwaway address for registrations of minimal value, I'm pretty sure every spam company in the world already has my yahoo address.

Comment Re:What's the rush? (Score 1) 216

Completely agreed. Elimination of cash means the government knows everything you are doing.

Exactly, I enjoy having and spending cash.

It is largely anonymous, and I find that if I take out my spending money and see myself spending cash and the amount dwindling away off my money means more to me.

Credit cards and the like, abstract money like chips in a casino do...and I don't find myself fretting over spending nearly as much when money is abstracted in this manner.

Credit cards are less abstract to me when I use a budget. Start with the amount I can spend for the week, subtract from that each time I use the card and if it goes negative, the next week starts with a smaller number. Admittedly I have a head for numbers (they have a size or weight in my head, rather than just a squiggle representing a value) so this probably works better for me than for some people.

Comment Re:Lots of companies want Win10 (Score 1) 172

Yeah though defense contractors may not even be happy with just being able to turn off windows telemetry. I don't think they would want an OS that even has that code anywhere. They scan every program on our computer pretty much each time it is used to make sure it doesn't export data already.

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