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Comment 3 KM? (Score 2) 318

I could be doing my math wrong but the Nardo Ring is about 4KM in diameter

The fastest a car, with suspension for cornering, can go on the highest banked part of the track is 240 km/h. A Boeing 747 takes off at 260+ km/h.

So the banking would have to be increased to prevent possible tipping but approaching a runway on a bank, or taking off, seems like it would have serious stall issues.

A non banked runway could avoid this but what kind of suspension would an aircraft need (could it be done with a tricycle?) to handle the amount the aircraft would want to roll. Plus on approach, you would have to slew with the rudder, at those speeds is there enough force from the air to keep the aircraft from sliding sideways or would you have to slew twice as much as the runway angle or more so the engines would be driving the turn?

Comment Re:Mint (Score 2) 497

I would say Mint as well for a basic user. If you plan on needing some more advanced software over time, I've found Ubuntu to be a good balance between simplicity to start and easy compatibility with more advanced software (I'm developing Intel Fortran, OpenMP and FFTW for a college project and Ubuntu seemed to be the easiest intersection of the packages). But with no need beyond the basics, Mint works nicely.

Comment Re:Whats really being asked (Score 2) 270

The government may be crooked and bloated but if we don't pay for the government, those bitcoins would be worthless in the US anyway. This is the land of the free, as in the people are free to do as they wish (in theory) as long as it doesn't effect anyone else. Not a place where the land, or any other property, is free of any obligation.

Comment Re:In 30 years we got... (Score 1) 213

1. Meh, saw Avatar in 3D, 3D wasn't bad but I will not pay the premium for 3D again... should not have paid the price in general for Avatar.
2. Very nice, though at the same time there have been significant home theater picture and sound.
3. Meh, don't think any of the local theaters ever installed this.
4. Ebbeh! This innovation leads to more Netflix.
5. Meh, I've never purchased tickets online, if the theater is so packed I need to, I don't really want to be there.

Amusing list of innovations though.

Comment Re:Come on, not that "Terminator" BS again... (Score 1) 407

The story makes me wonder a little if there was a mistake in the safety lockouts or general software if the machine that killed her was never supposed to work in the area she was in. However I agree most problems are with not following safety procedures. Stating someone has worked safely on certain machines for years says nothing about how safe they are working with them. Someone can cross busy roads not on a crosswalk many times before getting run over.

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