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GNU is Not Unix

GPLv2 and GPLv3 Coexisting In the Same Project? 116

cyclop writes "I am coding a data analysis application in my laboratory that I would like to release as free (as in freedom) software. Moreover I am going to begin a small OSS game that will be based, in part, on GPLv2 libraries. Problem is: in both cases, I'd like to be able to exchange code both with GPLv2 and (future) GPLv3 projects. I have no particular passions about either license — only thing is I don't want BSD-style 'do anything you want' licensing but a copyleft license. I know that GPLv2 and GPLv3 are not compatible. What can I do? Double licensing? Is there a compatible-with-both license? Adding exceptions? What do you think is the best way to address the GPLv2-to-GPLv3 transition without ending up on one or the other side of the barricade?"

Submission + - Cell SPU at 4Ghz and ~25% smaller (beyond3d.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Beyond3D reports that Toshiba has migrated the Stream Processing Units found on the Cell processors away from its previously custom design towards a synthesizable design that can be easily integrated into new processors. The new design created an SPU that 20-30% smaller than the SPUs found in the Cell, although it is 10% slower at the same frequency. However, the new design is capable of hitting 4Ghz, much faster than current SPUs.

Submission + - Nintendo Wii being sued by Lonestar Inventions (gamespot.com)

losman writes: Texas based Lonestar Inventions is suing Nintendo on a patent it holds that is described as a "high capacitance structure in a semiconductor device". They issed suits and settled on this patent before. Everyone seems to want in on Wii's success! The full story is at Gamespot: http://www.gamespot.com/news/6172456.html?om_act=c onvert&om_clk=newstop&tag=newstop;title;2
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Winner Lucasfilm Best Short Star Wars Film '07 (atomfilms.com)

Mike McMahan writes: "Ever tried to get your AT-AT out of a parking lot without causing any damage? Check out this short on Atom: It's funny, it's Star Wars, it's under two minutes long and we made the entire thing on an Apple Powerbook G4. Just thought the Slashdot community would be into it: we made it with an awesome (downloadable) program called istopmotion (from Boinx), and then edited it with Final Cut Pro, and added the magic with After Effects. Hope you enjoy! -Mike"

Submission + - How to stop top 100 Google results being sellers?

Architect writes: "Google use to be about searching for information. Now, google is about searching for organizations selling products.

I can't enter search items and find any informative help anymore, instead the first results are always organizations selling something related to all items in the search box...

Does anyone know a way to tell the Google search that I am not buying? How do you tell Google to stop returning results from people selling products? "-buy -purchase" etc doesn't seem to work.

Thank you"

Submission + - Wikipedia shuts centiare shut down again

Garrett Minks writes: "If last years altercation between wywikibiz founder Greg Kohs and Jimmy Wales wasn't enough a select group of super users on wikipedia have recently decided to systematically erase any notion of the site even though it is in clear violation of policy to blank discussions and proposals without consensus. Proof of misconduct is very difficult for the lay user to find but a long time wikipedia user has uncovered how the hive really works when faced with something it deems unencyclopedic. http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Wikipedi a:Administrators'_noticeboard/Incidents&diff=13418 4688&oldid=134184582 Is this incident trivial, maybe. But maybe it also shows the secret autocracy behind the "free encyclopedia any one can use". Most will follow Dorothy and pay no attention to the man behind the screen but a select few insiders are beginning to see the site crumble."

Submission + - Microsoft Office 2007 VS OpenOffice v2.0 and Micro

chewjekhui writes: "Hi, welcome to the full review of Microsoft Office 2007. I would discuses about all the features of Office 2007. I would divide the article into a few parts. Each part would compare features of PowerPoint 2007, PowerPoint 2003 and their rival's OpenOffice. Visit http://saferpc.blogspot.com/2007/05/microsoft-offi ce-2007-vs-openoffice-v20.html for the full review"

Submission + - Intel's Metro laptop concept in the real world

gcnaddict writes: Seems like those pictures of the Mobile Metro which were shown off were nothing more than marketing concepts. Unlike the last time the Metro hit the front page, there's actually video footage of the sleek notebook being used. It's mostly limited to the e-ink display, but you can also get a glimpse of the keyboard seen in those concept photos. There's also some quick time with a new LG Sideshow-enabled laptop, the old ASUS Sideshow concept laptop which eventually became the ASUS W5Fe, and a weird little technology demo with what looks to be a Samsung Q1P modded in order to support Sideshow on the main display. You can catch the full 1080p video here (Reduced to a torrent, it seems).

Submission + - 10 Ways To Get 70% Better Gas Mileage

ryanshamus writes: "http://ryanshamus.com/automobiles/10-ways-to-get-7 0-better-gas-mileage/ So I've decided to post something today that will be of value to anyone and everyone that comes across my blog. They say to give readers something valuable and they'll come back. So amidst the rising (sometimes out of control) gas prices around the country and even around the world, below are 10 ways to get 70% better gas mileage! I drive roughly 60 miles each day on average, so for all of those out there that are in the same pool as me, then hopefully this will help you put a few bucks back in your pocket. After writing this, I added up a rough estimate (percentage wise) of how much gas you can save by following these easy tips. The answer? You'll see at the end of this article. 1. Tighten that gas cap! Did you know that all the people that forget to tighten their gas caps cause an annual loss of 147,000,000 gallons of gas due to evaporation? Insane. Remember, the gas will escape if you give it a chance, so tighten that cap down hard! 2. Pump up those tires! Driving on under-inflated tires can cause a staggering 15% loss in overall gas mileage. "Tires that have low pressure offer more resistance so the engine is going to work harder to keep the car at 60," says Brian Moody, road test editor at Edmunds.com. Check them once a week if possible..it only takes a few minutes of your time and proper inflation could save you a lot of money! 3. CHECK YOUR AIR FILTER. This may be one of the most important things to do in saving your gas mileage. Dirty air filters cause the engine to work a lot harder and will eat up a lot of your gas mileage. A $10 clean filter could give you upwards of 10% more miles per gallon. That's like getting 10% off every time you fill up! Get it changed every 3,000 miles (usually when you get your oil changed). Trust me on this one! 4. Use the right oil. An easy way to get a 1-2% boost in gas mileage is to use the right oil for your automobile. Read the manufacturer's guide and see what they recommend. Also when you know which grade/weight of oil to use — look for ones that also say "energy conserving" on the label. These oils have special friction reducing additives that will also help. 5. Slow down, speedy! Nearly everyone that drives is guilty of speeding at one point or another, but driving fast can be very costly! Check this out — by driving 70mph in a 55mph zone, you are burning a mind-blowing 17% extra gas. Whoa! Obey the speed limit, it's not only there to save your life, but to also save your checking account. 6. Time for a tune-up! Having an engine that feels like you do on Saturday morning can really make a difference in how much gas mileage you get. Keeping your engine happy by performing routine maintenance (including checking spark plugs, as misfiring plugs can waste up to 30% of your gas mileage) can boost your miles per gallon by about 4%. 7. Clean out your damned trunk already! By carrying excess weight in your automobile, you are wasting gas every second that you drive. Did you know that for every 100 pounds of excess weight, you are losing between 1-2% of your miles per gallon? That adds up pretty quick. While you're at it, go on a diet! 8. Turn off your meat locker. Look, I'm just as guilty as the next person, but running that A/C on full blast as soon as you hop in the car/truck can plummet your gas mileage by 10-20%! Try rolling down all the windows and opening the sunroof first. Utilize the summer breeze as your coolant. After all, it's free. 9. Kill the idle. Wanna know how to get ZERO miles per gallon? Leave your car running while parked. When you idle, you're car is burning gas and getting you no where! Make sure you turn it off for those quick runs into the grocery store or bank, it'll really add up in the end. 10. Clearing the roof. Do you still have that Christmas tree tied on the top? Or how about the luggage rack from vacation last year? Take it off now! By having stuff on top that you don't need, you are increasing air drag, which eats about 5% of your gas mileage. So find room inside the car for grandma, as she is wasting money being tied on top of the roof. After totaling all of these percentages and factors, (and keep in mind this is on the conservative side) — by following these tips you can get up to 70% better gas mileage than you get right now! That's assuming that you are breaking all of these rules, and it wouldn't surprise me if a lot of people were. I know I'm guilty of not following at least 7 of them. So remember me when gas hits $5.00 per gallon and you'll thank me. Money is fine :)"

Submission + - Does SPF really work?

Intelopment writes: "My Domain name has recently been used a lot as the REPLY field by some inconsiderate spammer and my ISP has suggested that I consider using the Open SPF service (http://openspf.org/) as a way to stop spammers from using my domain name for their REPLY field. From what I can tell it requires the receiving mail server to actually participate in the SPF service, which is where I get my doubts. Does anyone have any experience with this service? Does it work? Are many ISPs using openSFP?"
The Media

Submission + - linuxworld.com plasters Windows Server Ad

takbud writes: What is the world coming to when one of your favorite Linux sites, www.linuxworld.com, proudly plasters Windows Server 2003 banner ads at the top of their pages? Is linuxworld.com hurting for money so badly they must sell their souls to the Devil? Maybe a small boycott until they remove the trash would be in order! Filling their inbox with complaints may encourage them to show ads for companies that support OpenSource software.

A better, more fitting, and appropriate ad might be for Dell / Ubuntu since it's Linux related!

In the event they fix their blunder, I have personally posted a screen capture.

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