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This is exactly what I'm talking about. Battlezone, the re-release by Activision, is a game my dad and I have many great memories and one of the first real multiplayer games we played online. I loved it, I liked Battlezone II also, but it wasn't as great as the original.
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Submission + - Valve shuts down international versions in US

phildawg writes: "As of Friday, 10/19/2007, users of software involving steam have been shutdown and unable to play due to a "Wrong Territory" error. It appears a distributor in Asia was selling software against Valve's terms of sale agreement and Valve is now trying to rectify the situation. Basically, if your version of the game came from this distributor, the CD keys are no longer valid for play outside of that Territory. This seems to have hit eBay purchases the hardest. Unfortunately for many people over the past 3 years, these games all of a sudden just turned off Friday night at about 5pm. There has been little response from Valve and a 15 page thread has been deleted from their forum today as people who had purchased games for close to the full US retail price have been told to contact the store of purchase for a refund. Even for purchases that are 3 years old... Valve is reviewing each individual case, but before the thread was deleted, nobody reported success.

Circuit City ran the Orange box on sale for 37.99 with free shipping. People were purchasing the game for 32-36 dollars off eBay. These were not significant savings. These games generally shipped from Thailand, Australia, and some actually purchased these games while visiting the countries. All have been told, contact the store for a return. Since when do you crack down on customers instead of the distributor?

The following is a 24 page thread where people initially found a great deal they thought at only 26 dollars (please remember that on eBay, people paid on avg only a few dollars less, and this does not just affect US residents but also Australian, and for some these were actually purchased from Brick and Mortar retailers in Australia since it is relatively close to Thailand and they were using the distributor most likely unbeknown to them.)"

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