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Comment Re:Meaningless (Score 1) 106

Its not different standards at all - the comment was made that outside of some very specific middle eastern regions, burkas are uncommon, and yet when I go to London burkas are common enough across the entire city for people not to be staring, pointing or treating them as uncommon.

Therefore the prior assertion is total bollocks - burkas may not be the *norm* in London, but they are certainly not "uncommon".

Comment Re:ABM systems equal escalation? (Score 2) 68

The protection system shifts the threat considerably, because it means the country with it no longer suffers the same threat as the country without it - the concept of mutually assured destruction counts on the destruction of both parties being mutually assured (funny that...), and a protection system means it is no longer mutually assured, one party has a much better chance of coming out with significantly less destruction than the other.

Think of it this way - you and your worst enemy both have guns pointing at each other from a distance of 50 paces. You both know there is enough time to fire back if the other one fires, and you also both know neither of you can move in time to not get hit. If both of you are sane, rational people, do either of you fire? No.

Now consider how that dynamic would change if your enemy put on a full body bullet proof suit of armour. All of a sudden it doesn't matter as much to him whether you fire or not, he is much more likely to survive than before - and he is also much more likely to survive than you are as you dont have his suit of armour.

Gets a little too uncomfortable, doesn't it?

Comment Re:Not as big as... (Score 5, Informative) 155

The Hercules H-4 "Spruce Goose" (Hughes never liked that nickname) is not amphibious, it was a pure seaplane, while this Chinese aircraft is amphibious and it is the largest of its type.

Thats why the summary starts with "China has completed production of the world's largest amphibious aircraft"...

Comment Re:If they didn't want unlimited use (Score 5, Insightful) 421

They no longer offer it.

And they also are under no obligation to allow out-of-contract users from continuing to use the old plan - which is exactly what they are doing here, telling the heaviest out-of-contract users to let up, move plan or Verizon will no longer do business with you.

Just as you don't have to do business with Verizon, once you are out of contract Verizon no longer have to do business with you - you aren't guaranteed or entitled to the same plan for the rest of eternity, only the duration of the contract.

Comment Re:no, ID:R really did suck (Score 1) 304

Read the official prequel book to ID:R, the structure wasnt built, it was a ship that landed (they covered that in the film as well), and the issue was that it was in the land of an African warlord who was keeping everyone out - the book covered the "why" of not forcing access.

The film still sucked - for me, it was the leaping headlong from one scene to another, the pacing was way way too fast. The original had decent pacing, but ID:R tried to cram twice as much in, double the plot complexity and twice the cast and it doubled the pacing to make up for it.

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