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Submission + - Farthest Galaxy Yet Revealed by Cosmic Lens (

An anonymous reader writes: has an article on the Hubble and Spitzer telescopes spotting the oldest (or youngest at the time?) galaxy yet, viewed when it was only 500 million years old. Question is, if the frame of reference was actually at that location looking back home here at the the Milky Way, wouldn't we seem as if we were the oldest (or youngest) Galaxy being nearly 13.2 billion light years away? And couldn't we peer even further back to see older galaxies if we were at that point in space and looked further back in that direction?

Submission + - Material breaks record for turning heat into electricity (

ananyo writes: "A new material has broken the record for converting heat into electricity. The material had a conversion efficiency of about 15% — double that of one of the most well-known thermoelectrics: lead telluride.
For decades, physicists have toyed with ways to convert heat into electricity directly. Materials known as thermoelectrics use temperature differences to drive electrons from one end to another. The displaced electrons create a voltage that can in turn be used to power other things, much like a battery. Such materials have found niche applications: the Curiosity rover trundling about on the surface of Mars, for example, uses thermoelectrics to turn heat from its plutonium power source into electricity. That doesn't mean that the material is ready to be used on the next Mars rover, however: NASA has been looking at similar materials for future space missions, but the agency is not yet convinced that they are ready for primetime."

Comment Re:Money isn't open source (Score 1) 332

Well.. Bitcoin-Mining could be done without GPU-Support (but you wouldn't want to do it, since everyone else does it faster/more energy-efficient) you wouldn't make profit by mining, but you could "use" it still like regular money. Bitcoint too could be made to work for everyday use. If anyone would like to spend real money/effort on it. But why should anyone?

Comment Re:On linux... (Score 1) 463

besides from trolling around (and i mean both of you for this one) there are good reasons for both approaches. the big problem i see is what evolves from the approaches on *nix we have these nice litle directory /etc and the config files per user in /home shurely the software should be designed this way you cant break it by configuration but... the most software i use IS designed this way and to the speed.. lets just say that users who need to run a desktop-environment which uses 3D would have worse things to complain about than some cycles lost because of the config on the other hand we have windows and his huge registry, saying that you should do everything and the user doesnt have to worry about this mess is nice.. but doesnt help, we all know sometimes you just HAVE to. this isnt good design this is horribly and by the way there is a reason why microsoft createt something equal to the user-home in the last years with much place for config files... i dont think eaven microsoft will still continue to call his registry perfect

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