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Comment Re:Start Trek or Elysium? (Score 1) 1052

Exactly this....

I'm likely more conservative than 90% of the population here but I'm also becoming a pragmatist. If it works as designed, I think a universal income would be significantly better than the current hodgepodge of social programs currently in the US.

But in the words of Diogenese, we humans have complicated every gift of the gods.

How would this really get sold to the public, that Bill & Melinda Gates gets a larger check from the government than a single unemployed person? (2 people are more than 1). And once that exception is made, then means testing would quickly turn it into a traditional welfare system.

And how does this not turn into 'bread and circuses'? Whoever promises the biggest raise for the citizenry gets elected, regardless of the effect on national debt.

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