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Comment Re:Diesel (Score 1) 1141

I have 3 diesels:
VW Jetta Wagon TDI - for the wife (& dogs), ~50mpg
Chevy Silverado 2500HD DuraMax - for me (& our horses), ~16mpg (net*)
GMC K5 Jimmy [Detroit Diesel] - for the weekend, ~28mpg (rated, actual unknown)

My DuraMax would do better, except for the DPF that dumps raw fuel into the exhaust for "emissions friendliness." Otherwise,I'd be deep in the 17mpg range.

F the EPA, especially in CA.


Submission + - [H]ard|OCP RSS not working

Down8 writes: "I wanted to submit this as a 'bug', but I am sent to SourceForge.

Your feed is no longer updating.


Submission + - OLPC Kids Surf Pr0n Just Like Us (

joe_n_bloe writes: Here comes solid evidence that those OLPC laptops have all the essential functionality of conventional laptops. According to Reuters, 'Nigerian schoolchildren who received laptops from a U.S. aid organization [OLPC] have used them to explore pornographic sites on the Internet.' Apparently OLPC is responding to this by outfitting the computers with filters.
The Internet

Submission + - MediaDefenders caught violating copyright law?

uglydog writes: MediaDefenders is hosting a pdf of a Wall Street Journal article on its site in a manner that appears to violate section 6. b. of the WSJ subscriber agreement (read the disclaimer at the end of the pdf). The link to the pdf is off of MediaDefenders marketing page (mouse over "News" on the left navbar and check out link for the 2nd item on the page). This happens right after an incident where MediaDefenders was allegedly entrapping p2p users.

Submission + - Slashback: AMD's deceptive Barcelona benchmarks (

Anonymous Coward writes: "AMD is denying a report that accuses it of posting "deceptive" information on Barcelona's performance relative to Intel Xeon chips. George Ou flamed the chipmaker in ZDNet's Real World IT blog for posting the materials, but AMD countered that the slides were published months ago and at the time provided an accurate depiction of Intel's performance and the projected long term performance of Barcelona. AMD also acknowledged that the information is outdated and promised to provide a more accurate comparison based on 2GHz Opteron and the latest Intel benchmarks within the next weeks."

Submission + - Flickr or Google?

Anonymous Coward writes: "I've been getting more into digital photography recently. I've always used WebShots in the past to post pics online, but would like to switch services. I can't decide which would be better, though: Yahoo!'s Flickr or Google's Picasa service. The only relevant discussions I've found while searching have pegged Flickr as the clear winner. However, these discussions are from Google Images' launch, which means they are out of date, as Google has vastly improved upon Picasa since its inception (as far as I can tell from their Virtual Tour, at least). Things seem to be up for grabs at the moment. Ease of use is certainly a top factor for me currently, as I lose patience dealing with numerous steps and complications when my main goal is to get my photos online for the sake of friends. Perks such as Flickr's Geomapping feature are intriguing but secondary, of course. Would you recommend Flickr or Google Images for posting pictures to the Internets? (Perhaps relevant: I am a longtime Yahoo! Mail user who has recently converted to Gmail and prefer that account now. Will this factor in, since Flickr uses a Yahoo! account while Google uses a Google account?)"

Submission + - Math Education: An Inconvenient Truth (shocking!!)

thr4wn writes: Apparently, some elementary math curriculums are no longer concerned if students can multiply or divide well. Instead of teaching the standard algorithms for multiplication and division, they teach some other less-efficient algorithms — of which, some are vehemently abominable! This is hopefully not a sign of some national trend, but is nonetheless scary.

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