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Comment Re: Heck yes, (Score 1) 351

Meat is awful without beef fat to flavor it.

Make a burger with fatless steak tartar and see. There's a reason unmarbled steak was rated a lower grade until anti-fat started in the 1970s. It still deserves low flavor ratings. Yicky flavor, actually.

The lab people know this and add beef fat. Just cut out the middleman and add beef fat to soy.

Comment Re:collectivism = death (Score 1) 227

Not really a troll. While updating laws for taxes is fine, blowing the horn to charge! against business is an age old BS play by politicians.

I haven't heard anything this idiotic from a politician since the 1990s and Hillary Clinton was running around raging at "the unconscionable profits" of drug companies who have saved billions of lives.

What a piece of work are these power-hungry politicians.

Comment Re:Meat is the cause (Score 1) 202

For that matter, the OP contradicts earlier studies that showed overweight (but not obese) people live longer than normal weight. This matches with the obesity paradox, where obese people are more likely to have problems, but when they do, they are more likely to survive than a normal weight person with the same problem.

Comment Re:false (Score 1) 202

People are overweight because they consume more calories than they burn. It is that simple. Almost no amount of exercise will change that. Your body will burn more calories doing nothing all day than you running a mile. Exercise will improve your health but it's affect on your weight are minimal.

It is the modern, sedentary lifestyle that causes most of it. With a physical working job, just being moving on your feet, you will easily burn an additional 1500 calories a day.

Easy-access food is less the problem.

Comment Re:As little as I like Microsoft (Score 1) 70

This is reasonable good news. But it is not great news. A company won over government. However we, the people are left out of it.

And it is sad if we are happy when companies win over government. Because that means NOBODY is on our side.

Are the sheep happy that the wolf is killed by the lion? Sure, but in the end it means nothing to the sheep.

Do understand that neither of these parties represent the public (anymore).

Go learn human history and witness the biggest problems of humanity are driven by the power of government. Even most corporate problems are due to companies seeking favorable treatment over competitors.

And probably you cheer at government "curing" the worst corporate problem -- monopoly -- by creating an even more powerful legal monopoly: government.

Comment Re:She "may" become the new prime minister (Score 1) 238

Are they also this?

May fought for six years to get her so-called Snoopers' Charter onto the statute books...

During her opposition years, her home affairs record shows that she generally votes against the Labour government's more draconian measures on topics such as anti-terrorism and ID cards.

So middle of the road has a bill named "Let's snoop on citizens?"

What is going on there?

Comment 4th or die (Score 2) 212

The Supreme Court might help with some of it -- they ruled the government needs warrants to listen in on your phone calls, even though it passes through the hands of third parties because, among other things, The People have an expectation of privacy.

As more and more of your private "papers", in 4th Amendment terms, goes online and into "cloud", the idea that it is in 3rd party hands and you thus have no expectation of privacy, needs to die finally.

Comment Re:You would think. . . (Score 2) 118

The Stingray becomes a man in the middle. There's nothing passive about it. Imagine the real case of a plugging in a twisted pair tap on a phone line and you'll have a relatively accurate analogy.

Why the heck aren't there apps that warn you when a new cell tower pops up in an area? It seams like a relatively simple system to beat, or does it act entirely like an existing tower ID's and all?

For that matter, arent tower locations known? If a new one appears across the street, or is driving down the street, something is up.

Comment Re:You would think. . . (Score 1) 118

If you like this kind of ruling by the Supreme Court (which also includes police cannot take drug sniffing dogs onto your porch without a warrant, police cannot use an IR device or future tech to see through your walls without a warrant, or, in applicable to this case, police cannot attach a tracker to your car without a warrant -- turning your cell into a body tracker without a warrant is even worse) be sad Scalia died. He was instrumental in these cases and wrote some of the opinions.

Like most judges, you win some, you lose some.

Comment It's the stop-markers for discussion that r faulty (Score 1) 609

Rationalia is still ruled by political ambition which will twist things. But even if not, "perfect rationalism" can yield terrible results.

Consider: What if the FDA, by making excruciating demands for safety and efficacy, delays (or halts) useful drugs? A drug that helps heart disease, delayed 5 years, could cost hundreds of thousands of lives. Meanwhile, how many lives does the FDA save over using people as guinea pigs? Nobody wants to get sick or die being the test subject, but it is at least conceivable a "forge ahead and pull back only when problems seen" strategy would, net, save millions of lives, year upon year.

And global warming? What would slowing the economy 10% cost, say, over a century in the rate of technological development? I can easily see doing nothing, and moving in from the sea over 100-300 years, ending up with more, happier, healthier people in 300 years than current sea levels and technology 50 years behind where it otherwise would be.

None of this, and many others, including currently unforseen effects, unfortunately are taken into account in "Rationalia".

Comment Re:Headline is misleading and a little clickbaity (Score 1) 474

Management? Among the things the union want that drove it into bankruptcy rather than agreeing to was the union demand to have separate bread and other product truck drivers, even though they went to the same places.

Shed tears for some of the 22,000, but not all of them.

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