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Comment Re:so $250 for a new college text book to cover th (Score 1) 99

I've been preaching that for 20 years -- chronic double-digit increases are driven by easy loans.

As with a car, people wince at a $2000 radio upgrade, but an additional $30/month, sign me up!

Thus do large annual increases turn into small increases in your monthly loan.

Add in politicians favoring easy loans so all can get educations, and loan companies who don't care about risks because the government will pick up the pieces of a bubble burst, and you have the perfect storm.

One way to wrench it back down is refuse to guarantee loans to any school who increases cost beyind inflation.

Another way is to deny loan guarantees to any university with more than 50% sinecure positions (jobs directly unrelated to teaching.) Then drop it down by 1% a year until it is 20% or whatever the janitorial staff + HR is.

Comment Re:Someone grab the popcorn (Score 1) 1041

If I only knew what twitter-like company he would move to, now is the time to invest.

Twitter was largely created by Ashton Kutcher using it, and then other celebs. I.e. it was the cool kids' spot. MySpace was killed by kids switching to cooler facebook. How well will the left's tantrums justifying corporate censorship-as-feature compare to an uncensored twitter clone of the bad boys?

Comment Re:Day 4 executive order. (Score 1) 1041

Your analogy is silly. The Supreme Court has already delineated speech integral to criminality and, as far as threats go, they have to be exhortations to immediate lawless behavior. "I think soandso should be killed" is ok unless you are leading a crowd or something. This doesn't mean it can't be a red flag for investigation, just that it can't be prosecuted on its own.

There are many liberals, who spent the past 50 years defending free speech, who are terrified for the future because of people like you, who want to flat out declare hate speech illegal in and of itself. This opens a crack to outlawing other speech, and soon you are like dictatorships, filtering the news "to save the sensibilities of the people", which is an actual argument they use to censor CNN, and now, social media.

Comment Re:As a UK Citizen (Score 1) 394

I love how people get bent out of shape over corporations doing this, when all they care about is putting you into different advertising bins so they can earn a few percent more on ads. Meanwhile they lie back, largely uncaring (if not outright massively liking) government doing far more, creating a panopticon, the type of tool exactly desired and abused by dictators.

If you want to aavoid dicatorship in the long run, you must prevent the tools of tyrrany from being created in the first place.

Comment Re:unlikely (Score 1) 235

And in 50 to 200 years, you can grow as many manatee as you want in jars and dump a million into the ocean.

These are only problems from a static viewpoint. A hundred years from now is less predictable than now is from 1900, when a lack of filthy cars meant waking up every morning with a layer of clean, organic, natural horse shit dust on your furniture.

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