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Comment Re:So global warming started... (Score 1) 674

It is because we burned all that that we sit here with 2016 technology not dying of different diseases and injuries and infections and feeding many multiples of people per acre than they did.

I have no desire to slow this progress. We would literally, and I mean literally, be better off in the year 2100 or 2300 with risen seas and 2100 or 2300 tech than lower seas and 2050 or 2200 tech.

People in the mid 1800s slamming on the brakes, leaving us with year 1890 or 1930 tech would be no friend to humanity.

And no, you can't have your cake and it too. Business doesn't care why it is hobbled. Hundreds of century long economic experiments showed that over the same time period.

Comment Type 50 wpm or 200 scenarios mashed per minute (Score 1) 123

Screw this shit. 99% of PC games are already console games, ported. Stupid button-mashing idiocy.

Who the hell is sitting in design rooms slamming their fists on the table demanding people switch buttons to mash every second, half-second, quarter second? Faster faster faster! Mash, switch, mash!

Comment Re: Confused (Score 3, Insightful) 127

That reads like a gross oversimplification. For what it's worth, SJWs were responsible for the Magna Carta, various freedom leaning constitutions, women's suffrage, and the end of wide scale slavery, among many other things.

Fair enough. All of that was working for freedom, more power to them.

But at least some of modern SJWism is devoted to censorship. Rather than work for freedom, they seek to twist government power to oppress and carve out space for their favored factions.

It is terrifying a whole generation is being raised to think offending people is damaging, and therefore government may censor. It may take another 40 years before this gets approved by a more sympathetic supreme court. But there goes freedom as protecting the people, used as justification for censorship in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, will be enshrined as a valued principle in the United States.

Comment Nice (Score 0) 445

Thank god they have a Republican governor who will veto this anti-freedom, anti-capitalist, entrenched-interest, rent-seeking law!!!

Republican Governor Charlie Baker signed the law, which specifically bans ride-sharing services from passing those costs on to their drivers or riders.


How does not passing on costs work, anyway? This is an accounting gimmick as they take it out of what they charge the drivers for app use. This just prevents it from being called out as a line item. Which should impact freedom of speech.

Sue for it.

Comment STOPPPPPPP! (Score 1) 140

The joke's on you! This is just another of the latest and greatest, for ever and ever frameworks to re-implement everything in. Another latest and greatest, for ever and ever framework, no need for anything more, ever, we really mean it this time, will come along again shortly.

I've been through about 10 of them during my quarter century career.

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