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Comment Re:Which Democrat? (Score 1) 125

Nice sound bite, but this can be a rational decision for a society to get things done. Heaving too much regulatory burden on business can slow or stop progress.

After all, most likely you have no problem with government spending wads of billions on things with little or no return, covering hurricane losses, propping up industries and Amtrack, or creating a colossal high speed rail in California, or spending more on a Boston subway or Denver air port automated luggage system than the moon landing* .

* Exaggeration, but a small one.

Comment Re:Which Democrat? (Score 1) 125

Not that I'm disagreeing with him/her. I don't like Nuclear because America doesn't have the balls to properly regulate and punish businessmen who flaunt safety. The risks are too great. It's not NIMBY. Make it public run or show me you're willing to throw people responsible for lesser disasters like oil spills in jail for 10-20 years and we'll talk. Until then it'll be like always: privatize the profits, socialize the losses.

Nice sound bite, but ths can be a rational decision for

Comment Re:Independentd ealerships=ineffective retail syst (Score 1) 252

If Ford can do that, so much the better.

This is like Ford charging extra not for cachet but because they used the power of government to keep competition low.

Dealers in Michigan didn't want anyone opening on Saturdays, not because they valued their time off, but because forcing most to take a day off work to look at cars worked in their favor to rush people to buy.

Comment Re:And they discovered that Slashdot has gone to H (Score 1) 226

There was an article not too long ago about this technique.

In the Neal Stephenson book Reamde, they use a technique where a shredded sprays a book up into the air, where high speed cameras digitize each piece of confetti and then computers reassemble the pieces jigsaw-wise and OCR it.

This technique is even more advanced.

Comment Re:And they discovered that Slashdot has gone to H (Score 1) 226

TBH the media leads with this. When Mother Theresa was sainted recently, the lead NPR story mentioned it then a few sentences later launched into the "raging controversy going on in her town" over her, which consisted of an ancient bitchfest by Christopher Hitchens, and a guy who wrote a book six years ago.

You are all cogs instantiating the distribution of memeplexes.

Comment Re:Confused (Score 1) 220

There are people still alive in Europe who remember government shitting on people, and executing them for being the wrong sort, and burying them in mass graves.

I will take our system of a government created with limited powers, and no more, than one that responds with unlimited power to the whims of the people, which has considerably less confidence-building, historical success.

Comment Re:Work around? (Score 1) 220

We don't have capatilism here, we have a Mercantilistic flavour of Corportism. Followers of true capatilism with open competition need not apply.

If you speak of crony capitalism and rent seeking, you have a sympathetic ear.

If you speak of government taxing and creating a competing "product", that is neither capitalism nor free market.

In any case, this isn't about that. It's about the federal government (and an unelected regulatory agency at that) pulling out of its ass it gets to tell states what laws it may permit localities to pass. Localities are creatures of the several states, and this would be an unconstitutional intrusion on the sovereign power of states to create their localities.

The judge even points out there is nothing in the law that clearly authorizes the FCC this power, so he doesn't even bother with the larger constitutional issue. But at a minimum, for the feds to assert this, Congress should be loud and clear about it. Then we'll talk.

Comment Re:Work around? (Score 1) 220

Capitalism trumps Free Market.

Using the power of government to take taxes, then create competition, is the exact opposite of Free Market.

All competitors must rely on service quality and cost to convince free people to prefer their product. A government does not, and can force you to pay for the service whether you want it or not.

As added insult to injury, the company will pay taxes to support this "competitor".

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