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Comment Re:you mean capitalism works? (Score 1) 371

If CVS did their usual trick of their own generic brand vs. named brands, this pen would cost maybe $500. They slightly undercut Tylenol, cough medicine, etc.

Good for them for this, but you have to go to the supermarket or a large retailer (you know who) to get significantly cheaper generic brands.

Comment Re:Uber is bad, but the government is worse (Score 1) 121

He has insurance to cover himself.

I live in a state that requires it, and was hit by someone who didn't have it anyway.

You live in more of a fantasy world than he does. Besides, requiring someone to get insurance before putting someone else, unasked, at risk is small potatoes on the libertarian scale compared to the rest of what government does.

Comment It always leads the way (Score 1) 139

AI does better than humans in chess, Jeopardy, soon driving and surgery, and now Go? Come on, man, put this "better than humans can do" power to real work and build a sexbot that can fuck the holy hell out of me!

Don't mod this down! You know you want this.

Comment Re:Do greenhouses create their own heat? (Score 2, Interesting) 502

I once pointed out how we had a ready-made carbon sequestration process in place already. Yard waste in landfills.

Sadly, this was killed by a competing environmentalist impulse based on innumeracy: We are running out of space for landfills. So now many areas ban yard waste in landfills. And what landfills there are often are areated so they can continue to rot away underground, also releasing that CO2.

Do your duty -- compost the yard waste to get the CO2 back into the atmosphere!

When I pointed this out to the environmentalist, he immediately said, well, CO2 wasn't that important as a greenhouse gas.

You have to pick and choose your environmentalist impulse values and pooh pooh any contrary ideas.

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