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Comment Re: Easy win so load show up with friends (Score 1) 171

Which was a single episode, was an allegory for apartheid, and in the first season of TNG (the vast majority of which was crap) and no one liked it.

Just saying, Janeway's defining character traits were her curiosity and her hard-assed rigid adherence to rules and standards. But the way character writing has gone today half the time a female character's defining character trait is "woman."

Comment Re:They tell you upfront it isn't going to be good (Score 1) 171

Perfectly said.

Just to add, it's interesting that Star Trek was both post-racial and extremely racist at the same time. Yes, the humans didn't even notice they were different colors or genders. But every Klingon's a warrior, every Vulcan's a scientist or diplomat, ever Ferengi is a greedy weasel, etc. And sometimes the plot would center around the struggles of a character who didn't fit their racial stereotype.

It would be nice if they would make a new Star Trek series about exploration, discovery, science fiction, etc. By all means give us a post-racialism, post-feminist crew of diverse characters who don't even notice they're diverse. My fear is it's going to be Star Trek: Diversity Wars and the science fiction will be glossed over and every episode will be about how the strong independent wymynz what don't need no man character struggles against the institutionalized discrimination against strong independent wymynz what don't need no man etc etc.

Comment Re:Easy win so load show up with friends (Score 4, Informative) 171

In the old Trek series the humans were colorblind, and gender issues were pretty much ignored. I liked that. It was a bright future where everyone moved past that shit. I will not be shocked though if in Discovery in every episode we have to hear the captain explain that she's a strong independent wymynz what don't need no man as she triumphs over institutionalized discrimination against strong independent wymynz what don't need no man.

Comment Re:Politicians siding with big business? Naw. (Score 1) 302

If you side with the people instead of the businesses the media companies the businesses own call you a racist sexist islamophobe homophobe xenophobe and pay a bunch of whores to say you traumatized them with a kiss.

Do the what the businesses want and fuck you can do whatever you want. Threaten your husband's rape victims and they'll call you a champion for women, and steal money from Haitian reconstruction and they'll call you an advocate for the poor.

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