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Comment Re:What's the plan, Stan? (Score 2) 196

I find that claims that white people are as frequently the objects of out and out hate speech tend to be pretty hyperbolic.

I think you just don't notice. One of the critical functions of our brains is making most of the world irrelevant. There's an infinite number of facts in any room, from the patterns of scuff marks on the floor to the discolorations in the paint on the walls etc etc. If you noticed all those things you're probably on drugs or brain damaged and incapable of functioning. So you just don't notice shit that isn't either a tool to help you achieve your objectives or an obstacle in your way. Somebody saying "kill white people" doesn't register as obstacle for you. But you absolutely have leftist celebs like Lena Dunham saying we need to "end white males" or Sarah Silverman going on about how she's glad the Jews killed Jesus and she'd do it again. These are not nice things to say. They do not help me achieve my goal of racial and religious harmony, so I notice them. On the other hand if someone said "fuck Judaism and we need to end Jewish females," boy ears would perk up. If you notice one and not the other it's because you fundamentally don't find the idea of eliminating whites offensive.

Comment Re:Yeah, the bubble will pop long before that (Score 1) 372

No I'm giving free money to the gifted. There's no point in putting someone who fails through university. All that does is result in crap graduates, a devalued degree, and create a general demand for even more education or in the worst case create a general demand for a degree that is not needed. This forces people to get degrees for basic jobs that don't need them.

When you enact this system, the result will be little money (proportionally) for blacks and latinos, and more money (proportionally) for Jews, asians, and whites. Al Sharpton and Van Jones and Maxine Waters will be calling you a Nazi so fast your head will spin. Your solution is politically impossible while the race baiting left exists.

Comment Re:What's the plan, Stan? (Score 3, Insightful) 196

but since some people seem to believe that the First Amendment protection of speech somehow should be imposed on private companies' Internet-facing content

That's not the argument. No one is saying companies should be forced to comply with the first amendment. "Free speech" as a principle exists outside of the's the shared cultural value that the Constitution seeks to protect. The cultural value came first, then the legal protection. This is how descriptive legal systems like english common law came to be.

The point is that these online platforms like Twitter don't hold this cultural value. That's okay, I guess, you don't have to. But they claim to, while saying they're only denying a platform for "hate speech," but this is bullshit too since they never punish anyone for saying "killing white people." That's pretty damn hateful.

They're not for free speech, they're not against "hate" on principle, they're just partisans.

Comment Re:Yeah, the bubble will pop long before that (Score 1) 372

I said Asians in the US. The smart asians came to the US. Asians in Asian aren't that smart. I also specified Ashkenazi Jews. They're the far north tribe that was in Poland, Russia etc.

The data would fit closer to a curve of how devoted that demographic is to Christianity.?

What is correlation, and how is it related to causation.

Comment Re:Oh no that sucks! (Score 1) 379

Perhaps you could try to argue ham-handed is better than nothing.

Yes, that's essentially the fundamental premise of the Trump movement. What we have is multinational corporations that own the politicians and 90% of the media. There's some dispute between the interests of citizens and the interests of multinationals/foreigners, and on every single issue the politicians take the side of the foreigners/multinationals and then the media propagandizes the public as to why this is somehow "moral." It's really not, it's just the financial interest of the elite. What a government "of the people, by the people, and for the people" should do is say "no, fuck you" to the foreigners and multinationals. This is all Trump is doing and it's got the media, the left, and the GOP establishment apoplectic.

Illegal immigration is bad for citizens/workers, good for business/foreigners. No, fuck foreigners, deport illegals.

Shady muslims bad for citizens, good for foreigners. No, fuck them, ban terrorist muslims.

Trade deals bad for workers, good for business/China. No, fuck China, protect workers.

Repeat on each issue. That's basically it.

Comment Re:Oh no that sucks! (Score 1) 379

As I've mentioned in nearby posts there are more sane ways to reduce illegals (more border guards and biz audits) but neither T nor GOP are interested in anything that offends their biz donors & friends. They'd rather F with families than offend the precious 1%. Typical GOP.

Trump has already added thousands of BP and ICE agents, and nationwide E-Verify is part of Trump's immigration plan that was on his campaign website (the site has since been updated for the administration rather than the campaign or I'd link it). So one of the things you recommended Trump has already done and the other is part of his campaign promises, but that requires legislative action and right now Congress is doing other things. We'll see what happens.

By the way, a wall isn't going to stop drug trafficking. It's pretty easy to get drugs under or over a wall. A 7 year old can do it.

But a wall with sensors and more BP agents will definitely help, no?

Comment Re:T = snake oil [Re:for various definitions of in (Score 1) 516

As far as your comments on black IQ's, I've known plenty of smart blacks and plenty of dumb whites.

Do you understand what "normally distributed" means?

Social factors play too big a factor in IQ's to claim genetics is the primary factor.

IQ is 75% - 80% inherited.

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