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Comment Re:It's not aliens (Score 1) 246

But let's pretend Jesus was God. Surely aliens would be sinful and need to be saved and all that. (In this scenario, "original sin" is something that evolves naturally in creatures that develop the ability to imagine non-immediate events and can make conscious choices that we would consider unethical.)

Not necessarily. Perhaps the aliens never Fell. God said "don't eat from that tree" and Xorblat said "okay." C.S. Lewis wrote a series of books, The Space Trilogy about such a circumstance.

Comment Re: Scrutiny (Score 1, Flamebait) 291

Apple is absolutely still being innovative. We had a story just last week about how they're leading the tech sector in the innovative ways in which they pander to racial minorities and sexual deviant groups. The Chinese workers may not be in love with the forced overtime, low pay and grueling labor conditions of Apple's factories, but I'm sure deep down they have no small amount of well-earned pride that across the sea in Cupertino transethnic pansexual demiqueer genderfluid owlkin working at Apple's offices are being treated with the respect and dignity they so richly deserve.

Comment Re:Off the rails (Score 1) 308

Why are all the men and woman in the movies attractive to the agree of x, why is there love interest in every single movie.

Sure, but that doesn't really have anything to do with how the writers/studio choose to portray different identity groups. And more often, how they will not portray their protected identity groups.

Just imagine walking into the studio exec's office and saying "Okay, the movie's about this evil homosexual Jew who murders straight Christians..."

Comment Re:Off the rails (Score 2) 308

Because here is the rub: Hollywood depiction of women is, in the aggregate, whatever the fuck the movie watching wants it be

No it's not. The Hollywood depiction whatever the writers and studio execs want it to be. For a long, long time the values of Hollywood and the values of the people in the flyover states have not been congruent at all. In Hollywood Christianity is bad, gays are good, blacks are doctors, the criminals are white, and everybody screws on the first date and no problems result from this. That ain't how they do things in Oklahoma.

Comment Re:Why do we even have congress? (Score 2, Insightful) 131

If anything, you should vote for Trump because he's too stupid

Yes he's become a billionaire and stayed one for 40 years because he's "stupid." You fucking leftists need a new line. Calling everyone you disagree with stupid has worn itself out. You're just a tired fucking meme at this point.

Comment Re: Don't Talk Back! (Score 1) 90

Yes and no. I'd argue it's easier to make a desktop distro with Ubuntu as a base,

I dunno. The arch documentation is top notch. That distro is amazing as far as user education goes. Basing on Arch is possibly the smartest thing a distro can do from a documentation standpoint.

* very drunk so please excuse typos and grammar.

Comment Re:Don't Talk Back! (Score 4, Insightful) 90

Please be sure not to "talk back" while testing this beta operating system!

I thought Canonical stopped listening to user feedback years ago anyway.

They listen, the problem is just that they think they know better. If they really knew better though there wouldn't be so many fucking "spins" on the default distro. You don't see that shit with any other distro, Fedora has one or two, Arch has a couple but I don't think that's apples to apples since Arch is just a base for others to build on.

Pride and arrogance are killing Ubuntu. I have a lot of love for what Ubuntu stood for once upon a time. I just wish they would get back to that and start working with the community again.

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