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Comment Re:Combat isn't about guts. (Score 1) 230

> ...when the enemy begins targeting them directly

And at that point, the civilian population will realise what a really bad idea drone warfare is. It's all rosy whilst running an unequal contest, blowing up a bunch of Taliban with little ability to fight back. If an enemy with the ability to fight back is engaged, bombs will start falling on the drone pilots, and the civilian population will realise that drone warfare has turned them into human shields.

Comment Re:Not vision (Score 4, Informative) 52

The background to this project is that a newly elected government held a big "vox poluli" talk fest called 2020, which was to lay out a "big vision" for Australia. A result was the announcement of $50 million funding for a bionic eye project. It's entirely possible that there is an element of "gung ho" about it in that a large chunk of money was laid down for a project that made politicians look good and was easy for the public to understand.

Having said that, there are some pretty smart people involved. As an Australian taxpayer, I'd hope that they are aware for the problems you raise and, given the grandness of the project, would plan on addressing such tough, tough problems. Given your area of expertise, maybe you should contact them? There might be some pretty exciting work to be done in collaboration?

Comment Re:Not vision (Score 1) 52

In the final version, they plan on having an external camera, and stimulating the optical nerve. Presumably this bypasses the retina (or are the retina and optical nerve the same thing? I'm no expert.) Does this sound feasible? The background to this project is that it builds on previous work in Australia, on cochlea implants.

Comment Re:Simple (Score 1) 454

I concur. MSBuild is shit. sources and dirs forever. I like to know what I'm linking into my binaries - if they would just fix manifest generation and c# build stuff in the public version, I'd have a very hard time even sympathizing for msbuild folks.

The compiler at least through and after Windows 7 was most definitely a msft compiler. I'm actually really surprised at this claim. Why do you think all the MSFT devs are stuck in C89?


Submission + - Australia to get Total Information Awareness (

femto writes: Australia's spy agencies are demanding that they be allowed to store the Internet and phone traffic of every Australian for two years, and have full access to social media websites. Objections can be lodged by email. The Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security is conducting a review, and only a deluge of objection to its Inquiry into potential reforms of National Security Legislation will stop this proposal from becoming law.

Comment It was commercialised (Score 3, Interesting) 175

By a company called Radiata, bought by Cisco in 2000. Radiata was a spin off from a Macquarie University/CSIRO research collaboration, founded by the research leaders at Macquarie University (Skellern and Weste). Here's a picture of the MU/CSIRO protype, taken around 1996. I know this because I (and 3 others) designed and built the pictured prototype.

Comment Re:Dedicated Server (Score 2) 225

Yeah. You definitely gotta shop around in order to find good deals, but they are out there. I've had had particularly good experience in Canada, actually, for stuff that will normally get you chucked out of a datacenter in the US.

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