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Comment Moroccan Cops (Score 2) 124

I spent a good 15 minutes negotiating my "documentation" with a Moroccan officer on the road to Essaouira. Luckily I didn't have much Dirham on me and my dollars were hidden in my suitcase. At some point he said I could leave him my license but obviously that wasn't going to happen lol.

What you have to remember is that they don't want a big hassle. They aren't going to arrest you because then the embassy gets involved and their bosses get pissed. It's just a job to them - they don't have any great sense of public protection. Where I got pulled over the guy tried to tell me that it was a village but there were two abandoned buildings practically in the middle of the desert lol.

Comment Re:If they are SO REALLY CONCERN about religion .. (Score 4, Informative) 674

Dawkins isn't primarily trying to convert believers into atheists; he's trying to level the playing field so that it is as acceptable to criticise or even mock a religious or otherwise superstitious belief as it is to criticise or mock a political belief or any other kind. He is also trying to raise opposition to the institutional legislative advantages religion, particularly the Church of England, has in government, such as the seats in the House of Lords which are automatically assigned to CoE bishops, and to end the practice of governmental support of faith schools.

He's also made it quite plain that he doesn't dislike "religious people" in general - he is in fact close personal friends with many, including prominent bishops and other clerics.

Comment Re: Fireworks in 3...2...1... (Score 1) 1251

No, I think you're straw-manning their view, though not necessarily deliberately. The ones I've spoken to are quite serious about their philosophy, not just poking fun at Christianity (though there's a little bit of that too). They also don't worship Satan in quite the same sense; the Satan figure is overtly symbolic, not taken to be a literal personality as the Christian deity is.

It's a bit weird and to my point of view unnecessarily so, but they do seem to be mostly serious. They're not (at least for the most part) a joke religion along the lines of Pastafarianism; it's a bit more nuanced than that.

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