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Comment Moroccan Cops (Score 2) 124

I spent a good 15 minutes negotiating my "documentation" with a Moroccan officer on the road to Essaouira. Luckily I didn't have much Dirham on me and my dollars were hidden in my suitcase. At some point he said I could leave him my license but obviously that wasn't going to happen lol.

What you have to remember is that they don't want a big hassle. They aren't going to arrest you because then the embassy gets involved and their bosses get pissed. It's just a job to them - they don't have any great sense of public protection. Where I got pulled over the guy tried to tell me that it was a village but there were two abandoned buildings practically in the middle of the desert lol.

Comment Re:Creation (Score 1) 440

Well one could debate on the Nag Hammadi gospels. I could easily claim that John didn't write the Gospel of John or any of the others really. It's more likely that those Gospels didn't fit in with what the church was pushing.

I am not a fan of Paul. He can defend himself but I think he was a fraud. His view just differs from Jesus in too many ways. I believe Christianity should just be the Gospels - ALL of the Gospels - and nothing else. When you do that you end the debate on a lot of hateful topics - including homosexuality.

Comment Re:Creation (Score 1) 440

The Newspapers aren't supposedly handed down by God and considered by its readers to be flawless. The Gospels were originally written in Greek, translated by hand into Latin, and then only after the start of Protestantism did it start to be translated into local languages. That means for the English translation most people read was based on 1500 years of potential mistranslations and transcription errors. It's like playing the "phone game" over 1500 years and expecting the words to still mean something.

Also, to start, Mark and Luke were not disciples or direct witnesses. Their Gospels are just hearsay handed down a generation or two later. John's gospel is the most dramatically different he writes as if he was a witness but there is some doubt that was the case. Matthew supposedly was a direct witness but if he actually was literate (which wasn't all that common back then) he probably would have written in Aramaic - which means yet another level of translation.

Then you have all the Gnostic Gospels that the church decided didn't properly suit their purposes and did their best to destroy and exterminate anybody who preached from them. Same goes for the Apocrypha.

Over half of the rest of the new testament is the writings of the Apostle Paul (some of which have been historically validated). Paul was a PR machine. He was a prolific writer and marketer for the version of Christianity he was selling. His teachings, however, are dramatically different from the teachings of Jesus and he is the main reason the Christian church has drifted so far from what the original message of Jesus was.

Comment Re:Creation (Score 2) 440

Here - Bill Nye can help you with that.

And here is a list of contradictions.

You obviously haven't read much of it if you didn't realize it contradicts itself. The Gospels don't even agree on details and most of the stories of Jesus you hear around Christmas and Easter are actually picking and choosing from the different Gospels to make a somewhat coherent fable.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 135

I think you have things backwards. They aren't going to start only selling ebooks with paper books. They are going to give the ebooks additionally for a small fee. If you want you still can just buy the ebook alone.

And Amazon is not a publisher - it's just a retailer.

Comment Re:Creation (Score 4, Insightful) 440

If you mean climate control then there are overwhelming boatloads of scientific evidence if you look for it. Years of data compiled and analyzed.

And what do you mean "supports the Bible"? I mean the bible doesn't even support itself with all the endless contradictions. There is no science in that. Not sure what SD is.

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