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Comment Horrible, just horrible. (Score 1) 246

I'm not sure why /. is posting the ramblings of a non-researcher, non-statistician as though he knew what he was talking about.

Has it gotten to this? Really?

Bennett took 1,800+ words to describe what a normal research would take under 100 to say. This is what happens when someone thinks they know what they're talking about, and need to rationalize the heck out of it in order to make sense.

Comment Re:A reason to really like Google Voice (Score 1) 166

Indeed. We have used multiple OBI 110 boxes, connected to different Google Voice numbers, and it works like a charm for landlines. Free landlines. As many as you need. For free calling, with a regular telephone.

I'm sorry, but anybody who knocks a service that allows you to deploy free regular telephones (after the cost of OBI 110, $47 on Amazon) to anyone with an Internet connection isn't seeing the forest through the trees. Not everybody has or needs a mobile phone. (And especially the cheap phones many people buy as emergency phones for their senior parents are absolutely crap to talk on.)

As long as Google doesn't do anything to screw up the use of an OBI, it's gold.

Comment Another Sloppy Journalism Article (Score 1) 89

Too bad the article is just plain sloppy journalism, written from the company's press release. The first inpatient Internet addiction treatment program opened up back in 2008:

And in 2009, another inpatient treatment center also claimed to be 'the first' inpatient treatment program... for a disorder that doesn't even officially exist!

Ah, it's Fox News... Nevermind.

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Submission + - NY Times' Broder Responds to Tesla's Elon Musk (

DocJohn writes: "NY Times' John Broder responded to Elon Musk's blog entry, responding to accusations with deft and reasonable replies. Accused of driving around a parking lot for no reason, for instance, Broder notes he was simply looking for the poorly marked charging station. Worse of all, much of Broder's behavior can be attributed directly to advice he received from Tesla representatives — something Musk fails to mention."

Comment Wordpress is what you need (Score 2) 161

Download a copy of Wordpress to an outsourced web server hosting account (many secure options available for ~$100/year). It takes 3 minutes to setup.

Wordpress's backend interface is the easiest to use and understand for folks who just need to share information and documents with others. There isn't the level of complexity (out of the box, but it's available if needed) that other CMSs have (like Drupal). Drupal is not recommended if you're not already familiar with Drupal.

Then pick one of the attractive themes from the thousands available, load in a few helpful plugins, and give accounts to folks who may be responsible for different areas of content.

Wordpress can easily grow if your needs grow. But out-of-the-box, it's so easy to use and manage, it's the no-brainer choice.

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Comment Re:This is a terrible idea (Score 4, Insightful) 339

It's an example of a person over-thinking the problem, considering the multiple solutions already available --

- Netbook or Air
- Tablet or iPad
- Smartphone
- Small and light laptop

Seriously, once you add in all the miscellaneous nonsense you'll need to deal with in getting such a homebrew solution to work, it just isn't worth it. Because, after all, isn't your time worth something? Great, take your hourly rate and times it by how much you're spending researching homebrew solutions and then actually getting something to work to your satisfaction.

Any business traveler who doesn't know how to pack light should instead invest in some time learning how to pack light. I carry a netbook and carry-on internationally and it's never been a problem, weight-wise or otherwise.

Comment Re:multitasking (Score 1) 1003

Unfortunately, that website has it completely wrong. If you go and look at the NHTSA study they're quoting, those are the statistics for ANY distraction while driving (not just eating).

Eating is a distraction, contributing up to 2.15 percent of the risk in crashes and near-crashes according to the study. Nowhere near what that web page is claiming.

That's why a critical eye is needed when reading stuff online. You can't just find something that agrees with your point of view and take it face value without digging a little deeper.

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Comment Re:The sorry state of science reporting (Score 1) 103

And worse, it's not even a particularly new finding from this research team. They reported on something similar 3 YEARS ago:

Last, neurofeedback -- a technique that's been around and well-understood for 2 decades now -- isn't likely to teach anyone a skill like juggling. It can help guide you to better understand your bodily responses and reflexes, but it's not like you can imprint one fMRI image onto another person. Neurofeedback takes time and practice, so it's nothing like the Matrix.

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Comment Re:Nothing here (Score 5, Informative) 182

I've had both 1st and 2nd generation Kindles and have flown with them each dozens of times. Which means they've been each X-rayed dozens of times.

They both work fine and have never had to be reset. With the 3G radio off, a single charge on either of them lasts weeks, even with daily use.

Kindles are bullet-proof, hardy devices that you can read in direct sunlight. I've even dropped them both, with no damage to either.

This is exactly what an e-reader should be.

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Comment Righthaven doesn't have right to sue (Score 1) 83

More importantly, the judgment found something glossed over in the summary -- the court did not recognize Righthaven as an entity that had any significant rights in the copyright, and therefore could not sue in the first place.

That's because the agreement with Stephens Media was so specific in carving out Righthaven's rights to the copyright that the only right they really had, according to the court, was the right to sue others to protect the copyright. This is not a recognized transferable right.

That's a pretty big finding. You can't just assign your copyrights to another company for the sole purpose of suing others.

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Comment Poor summary (Score 4, Informative) 353

As usual, the summary leaves out an important modifier -- this only applies to Google APPS, not Google.

From TFA:

For this reason, soon Google Apps will only support modern browsers. Beginning August 1st, we’ll support the current and prior major release of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari on a rolling basis. Each time a new version is released, we’ll begin supporting the update and stop supporting the third-oldest version.

Google will still support all older browsers on its search engine. It wouldn't make sense to discriminate there.

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Comment Not exactly new, news, nor interesting (Score 1) 418

So I'm sorry, someone basically took the Miserable Users hack for vBulletin originally released in 2004 and -- 7 years later -- ported it to Drupal??

Astounding. Neither original, nor news, nor particularly interesting.

There are many powerful, easy-to-use and easy-to-develop for open source CMS systems available; Drupal is not one of them.

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Submission + - Facebook Revealed to be Psychology Experiment (

DocJohn writes: Today we reported on surprising new research published this week — that Facebook is actually an undergraduate psychology experiment. "If you ever wondered what social networking websites actually were for, researchers today have at least one answer. A new study shows that Facebook is actually the result of a Harvard psychology experiment that inadvertently gained popularity outside of the Introductory to Psychology class it was designed for."

Comment Article says nothing about Facebook (Score 1) 217

While the headline and blurb suggest that indeed Facebook is being targeted in some manner, the article body itself makes absolutely no specific reference to Facebook. What this suggests is that the headline and blurb (introductory text to the article) were written by someone else -- an editor, usually -- who either didn't read the article very carefully, or made an assumption about what is actually being done.

It's odd how this could have been published as-is on a respected news website like the Telegraph.

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