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Submission + - Samoa to change time zones and move forward by a d (

DiegoBravo writes: "Samoa plans to jump time zones and move its clocks forward by a day, bringing it in line with Australia and New Zealand. The proposed move in time zones comes two years after the island's government switched the side of the road on which Samoans drive from the right to the left." How do they deal with their servers' clocks?

Submission + - Administering workflow with Subversion

DiegoBravo writes: "We currently use an old version of a product named CCC/Harvest (commercial home page) for software control management, that in my opinion is very limited in their old file-locking scheme, is slow, can't rename directories, null IDE-plugin support (some of that may have changed in current versions), and runs in a dying NT 4. I'm promoting Subversion because of great client support and zero licensing fees.

The problem is regarding the administrative side: the project managers are used to a tight control for allowing sources to be modified by developers. In Harvest, there is a whole concept named "package" that is similar to an attention ticket but traces the associated source code, and provides some sort of auditable workflow regarding the processing of those "tickets". I was testing the Trac integration with SVN, but IMO that's basically a ticket reporting interface with the posibility of back pointing to the SVN tree. It also has some extensions to configure Subversion permissions (in reality, the Apache-Subversion module svn_dav) yet I consider it buggy, although in the long term it will let me develop the needed corrections or extensions since it's open source.

The question of course is what are your recommendations? Another good OSS product combination? Some good argument that don't annoy the old developer leaders? just pay the buck and resign to the vendor's offering?"

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