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Comment Re:Slackware systemd is better (Score 1) 362

Ten minutes? something was wrong with the configuration.

I have a 486 with redhat 6.2 and takes less than a minute to boot. The boot time AFIK is not the main driver for the changes. There are really good reasons, but boot time is not the main one.

Of course, the Ubuntu team was in a curious rush to create some sort of 1-second-boot-time OS, and sysV scripts must be avoided for that goal.

Comment Re:How "Expensive" ? (Score 1) 58

Oh yeah, you have a critical non encrypted database with some proprietary applications running in the same internet web server box, and you fix everything by adding a Linux PC with iptables and one IP tunnel. You're a total genius.

Comment Re:Also decided in favor of restrictive firewalls (Score 1) 58

> And the really odd thing is that it's usually WAY easier to address this kind of insecurity than it is to fix problems in software, especially COTS products. You just have to try. Yes, it costs a bit, but it's not exactly exotic and it's not all that expensive. Firewalls are cheap, faster than ever and not terribly difficult to manage anymore.

No, it's usually WAY difficult to address this "architecture" insecurity as you put it. I really don't understand why you're even mentioning firewall costs at all.

To correct that kind of "architecture" issues you often need to add layers/filters/equipment/barriers into the data flow, which introduces lots of issues and in the general case is expensive. Specialy when you have a legacy infraestructure where the Internet is a later addon.

Comment Re: samba - racist (Score 1) 162

In Spanish, especially in conquered Latin America, zambo was one of the (many) technical terms used to specify the different mixes resulting from white (Spanish), native american, and blacks, and their descendants. Specifically, zambo(a) was the first generation of the mix between native american and black.
It's current usage is obviously broader and informal, and no longer a "racist" term per se.

Comment Re:It's not dead. (Score 1) 791

IMO the current "standard user" doesn't care more about the operating system than, for example, the hard disk brand. It's just another item in the laptop/pc.

Just yesterday my uncle decided to buy a low price laptop from and of course his selection carried Windows 8 but he didn't realized it until I commented about the compatibility of his (rather old) application installers.

The 80s when people cared about DOS 3.2 vs DOS 3.3 are gone for good (except in /.)

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