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Comment Re:It's amazing how few you get . . . (Score 4, Informative) 228

They can still call you for surveys. I had a number of those recently after having purchased a vehicle and foolishly giving them my cell number. I did some research and started telling the humans who eventually came on the line that they had reached a business. This results in your number getting removed from their list (unlike actually asking to be removed from the list) since they don't want to screw their numbers by polling a Starbucks.

Comment Re:Games like D3 (Score 1) 1880

I have a machine dedicated to gaming for this. It runs Win7, has fancy whiz-bang hardware, and any time that I try to use it for anything other than that I end up rage-quitting the browser and going to get my Linux laptop.

Windows is great for games, I don't understand how people can stand using the interface for actual work.

Comment Re:Summary is sensationalistic (Score 0) 244

It is a test car. It collects more data while in operation than you could imagine. It'd be trivial to verify the logs against what they claim.

I can imagine quite a lot, but that's beside the point. It would be trivial for Google to verify the logs, sure, but I doubt very much that the Mountain View Police Department would have an easy time with it.

Comment Re:No worries here (Score 1) 272

Not terribly hard compared to what?

You know how I remove the battery on my Thinkpad? I slide the clasp into the unlocked position then slide the battery out. Same for the DVD drive (although I don't know who swaps theirs out, there doesn't appear to be an option to put a second battery there).

I can also use one screwdriver, a phillips, to replace the hard drive, memory, wireless card, keyboard, CPU, video card, etc.

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