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Comment Re:BETRAYAL (Score 5, Insightful) 356

He's doing things he was always going to do. You elected a guy whose sole reason for winning was to enrich himself and his family. And you fell for it all over a bunch of stupid dog whistles.

But! But! Duh emails! Benghaziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

Trump and his family are laughing at you and the rest of the alt-right all the way to the bank.

Comment Re:A race to the bottom (Score 1) 467

It turns out that the vast majority of consumers prioritize cost over quality. This is not irrational and those that have a need can usually do otherwise.

It's only a rational view if you have no foresight. The same people who whine about manufacturing jobs being lost in the US and going overseas are mostly the very WalMart shoppers that created the market conditions such that many companies could only stay profitable by lowering quality and outsourcing.

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