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Comment Re:Not just law (Score 1) 394

Hey, wank-stain, that's not the UK site.

UK site version. Thanks for playing.

Perhaps if you weren't so far up your own shitter, you'd know the difference.

Both sites have the exact same article. So what is supposed to be the difference?

Furthermore, fcuktard, it's also hidden deep in the "tech" section, where no one but dweebs would look - not on the front page where the nation would find it, twat. Add to that you had to find it, you knew about it first, smeg for breath.

Those goalposts sure are flying down the pitch. Keep flailing though.

Comment Re: Necessary (Score 1) 394

You seem to think I support mass surveillance. I don't.

And yet your posts in this thread say otherwise.

I think there are better, more honest ways of dealing with Islamic terrorism.

Sure you do:

Necessary (Score:0) by mppp ( 1936232 ) Alter Relationship on Tuesday November 29, 2016 @09:29AM (#53384885)

Mass surveillance is a necessary consequence of mass immigration from the Muslim world.

Strange selective memory you have there.

Comment Re: Necessary (Score 1) 394

You're attempting to strawman.

Nope, just using your own words. To quote you:

That's not really a sensible attitude. The scale of violence that's possible with 400 terrorists is enormous.

Except it's not as actual facts play out. In 2015, just in the UK alone, there were 6 times as many people murdered by non-terrorists as there were people killed by terrorists in all of Western Europe.

Comment Re: Necessary (Score 1) 394

You've attempted to imply something of the sort. Again, more people are murdered in a single year in the EU than the last 2 decades of terrorist deaths. So until I have less of a chance to die from simply falling in the shower I'm not gonna piss my pants over the "mooslem terrists". You can go move to North Korea where you can be stripped of all your freedoms while Big Daddy Un provides your safety.

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