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Submission + - GOP brings in expert to look at (

DesertBlade writes: The GOP have reached out for expertise on the problems on Their person of choice, is the equally unique McAfee, from the antivirus make, Belize murder, laying low in Portland fame. While I agree the site was overpriced for what we received, but is McAfee is the right expert to handle brief Republicans on the issues?

Submission + - SPAM: The Bible is to Liberal

DesertBlade writes: Looks like some people find the Bible to Liberal. They would like to rewrite, pardon translate it, to reflect the truer and more correct conservatism message that it really stands for. By definition Jesus was a liberal changing the orthodox beliefs for many. If the conservatives changes the bible to make it more conservative, doesn't that make them liberal?
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Submission + - Wikipeida goes Mobile

DesertBlade writes: Wikipedia finally has a dedicated mobile site up. It is trimmed down but still highly functional. Goto and check it out.

Now I can settle bets from anywhere!

Submission + - Microsoft retires Seinfeld Ad Campaign

DesertBlade writes: After two weeks of WTF interruptions to my normal commercials, Microsoft pulled the plug on the Seinfeld campaign. It cost the giant $300 million and I personally think the agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky truly did not help them.

My question is what took them so long?

Submission + - Windows Server 2008 website up (sort of)

DesertBlade writes: Looks like the new Windows Server 2008 website is up. But, it seems to link over to the new Apple Air. Check it out at You think Microsoft would have had that domain.

Submission + - Input from behind

DesertBlade writes: With all the talk of Apple's multitouch, what is the next step? Microsoft and Mitsubishi Research have a prototype of Lucid a multitouch that interacts from the back of the screen. While still early and a little bulky, it does have potential. Could this interface be the next 'big' thing for handhelds?

Submission + - The little Wii that could

DesertBlade writes: According to a study conducted by VG Chartz the Wii is the fastest selling console ever. Since it's rlease it has been out selling Xbox360 2 to 1. It is now the next gen console champ with worldwide sales of 10.6 million, compared to 10.5 million xbox 360s. Sony has a pitiful 4.3 million sold. While the Xbox and PS3 try to be a media center being able to play DVDs and Bluerays the Wii focuses on being a gaming platform for the masses.

Submission + - The Truth is Out There Returns

DesertBlade writes: Looks like Mulder and Scully will be re-uniting on screen in X-Files! Since Mulder left the show was never the same. Mulder, I mean Duchovny, is expecting to recieve the script as early as next week.

Submission + - France Bans BlackBerries

DesertBlade writes: France Government officials are no longer allowed to use BlackBerries fearing that the US can snoop government secrets. Are these risks real or just unfounded. What will they ban next, cell phones, computers or talking. Maybe they like most of slashdot they are waiting for the new iPhone and just needed an excuse to find a way to pay for them.

Submission + - Welcome to the Microtrix

DesertBlade writes: You think everything you read about Microsoft is real, but it's not. Meet a group of rebellious Microsoft bloggers who are looking for the truth, and won't let anything get in their way. Welcome to the Microtix.

Submission + - Office 14 in the works

DesertBlade writes: I reported earlier that the next windows OS is due in 2 years. It looks like Microsoft Office is on the same timeline. Microsoft is skipping over Office 13 because of the stigma with the number 13 and moving on to Office 14. There looks to be a lot of changes for 'enterprise use' but it is still in the early plnning phase. They are planning on spend around $930 million A YEAR for development. With spending like that it should be something.

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