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Comment No (Score 2) 118

What I find interesting is that most people who earn certificates and then place all those acronyms after their name are the ones that have difficulty adjusting to the real world. Critical thinking is more important than certificates. Most certifications teach you a specific way to do things and not to go off the rails.

Comment Test Cases == Waste (Score 1) 70

Test cases have little to no place in Agile development. They are the finest example of waste. I know that a lot of places still feel that more test cases equals better quality, that is clearly not the case. Quality is derived from process, which can involve test cases, but again test cases are very inefficient at catching and preventing bugs. I have evaluated multiple solutions and they are all lacking.

While I do advocate some Scenario based testing, which usually are a single line like "Can you place an order", traditional test cases are convoluted and difficult to maintain. Google advocated test tours and ACC (Attribute - Component - Capability) testing that is very efficient, but still can be difficult to maintain. I believe the product owners should maintain the ACC Matrix, but they are too busy dreaming up new ideas. My teams have been using Google Docs for 3-4 years to track scenario based testing, while not perfect it gets the job down, is lightweight, multiple people can be in there, and just gets the job done.

The time would be better spent creating repeatable automation, through unit tests or functional testing solutions like Selenium. I am hoping in the next year or so to move all testing away from manual and just use automation. Get automation plugged into a Continuous Integrated system, so it runs all the time.

Source: Quality Engineering Manager -- Test Early, Test Often and Test What Matters

Submission + - GOP brings in expert to look at (

DesertBlade writes: The GOP have reached out for expertise on the problems on Their person of choice, is the equally unique McAfee, from the antivirus make, Belize murder, laying low in Portland fame. While I agree the site was overpriced for what we received, but is McAfee is the right expert to handle brief Republicans on the issues?

Comment This is FUD (Score 5, Informative) 162

I actually own a Fuelband, unlike to poster and the original story. It is basically a pedometer, sensing motion, nothing else. No or any other thing to guide them to my house. It sends information to the cloud, but has a lot less info than facebook. You can actually sign up for an account its free and see how little is actually stored. I be more worried about the data on my phone or in my wallet, both which will lead someone to my house, than on this thing.

Comment ATV with XBMC (Score 1) 479

Have 2 ATV with XBMC running on them with Bluehosts plugins. Can stream Hulu and many network shows straight from the internet most at HD. There are ways to use sickbeard and usenet to get shows automatically but I hardly ever need to. When the networks change protocols to break my setup, I go back to using sickbeard, till the great devs get the codec working with the new protocol. Been using this for 18+ months and have no plans on going back,

Comment What is it good for (Score 3, Insightful) 142

Skimmed through the patent and all I can figure out is that our master profile stays the same, but you will have a bunch of fake ones. This does not give you a whole lot of privacy to the user since you are still tied to the master, but makes it harder for facebook/google to created targeted ads and make it harder for someone to find the real you. Unless you are actively using all these clones then Big Brother is going to know who you are. Next there will be a patent to filter out these clones.

Comment Re:Four reasons (Score 1) 1264

1) Microsoft Office - If you are going to go with Poor UI below the Ribbon change would be the same. LibreOffice, like it better than MS Office, I even installed on many people machines and the majority like it better. Only tools use Powerpoint.
2) Games - I agree, but I play all my games on PS3
3) Poor UI - Unity is OK, its growing on me. Use Windows 8 then come back about Poor UI (WTF happened to the start menu)
4) Package - Ubuntu has this beat, the add/remove programs is awesome, its like the app store on mac. You give a poor example of the old RPM days, which was a pain, but have not had issues for ever. The majority of people will never venture past the default repos.
5) Standard Config - the .folder system is great, super easy to migrate. But I beat you think windows registry is a good idea.

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