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Comment Re:Need FCC license (Score 1) 69

Ummm to do any kind of broadcasting in the FM bands you need a license from the FCC.... You can RECEIVE all the FM bands you want without a license but transmit - you need a license....

FM is a modulation mode, not a band. There is plenty of spectrum where you can transmit an FM from an FM station without a license.

Comment Re:Take back Slashdot (Score 1) 1310

LOL! Early access to stories. That's awesome. *checks URL* Yep. I'm still on /. alright. Would that be early access to the story that I read 3 weeks ago somewhere else, early access to the dupe of the story I read on /. last month or early access to the StartsWithSpam clickbait/flamebait that I only click for the fun in the comments?

You're right. I don't think early access is what would entice a subscriber.

Comment Re:Qustion on US views (Score 1) 289

I don't want government internet because my government thinks it's ok to read my email (and everything else). Letting them be the ISP makes it that much easier.

I can't believe on /. of all sites I had to read this far into the comments to find someone making this point. This! This! Yes. Fine. Let them set up the pipes if they want. Let people subscribe to the service if they want. I, for one, wouldn't go anywhere near it. Governments in general (though probably less so at the local level) have proven themselves untrustworthy given access to the people's communications. Being the actual broker of those communications? No way!

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