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Comment Re:Computer Missues Act 1990 (Score 1) 572

I think that is the point of the VID. FTDI only tested the driver with their chips. They are now being coerced into supporting other chips that are not under their control. That is why it is a bad idea to use someone else's VID when designing a product. They won't be testing the driver to ensure it doesn't break your hardware.

Comment Re:How can you (Score 1) 171

I recently watched a guy from Y Combinator criticize Canada's "socialist agenda" for funding the lame ducks. I'm glad to know that the States is just as socialist. He did bring up a good point the wrong way. It isn't just money that is being wasted. There is talent in the individuals involved that is also being wasted.

Comment Re:Oh good (Score 4, Insightful) 907

It is not a good thing for predatory loans to exist. These people can't afford the way they are living. They need to rejigger their lives. The loans just prolong the agony and inflate prices for everyone by creating demand and buying power where demand and buying power should not exist.

Comment Re:Risk aversion (Score 1) 203

The boardgame side of Kickstarter tends to work this way too. Most give out a print and play once funded or even before. The Kickstarter pledges are really only needed for artwork, printing, and distribution. There isn't a lot of capital floating around to cover the upfront costs of bring a boardgame to market.

Comment Re:Ms. Cohn was at USPTO since 1983 (Score 1) 124

I can't believe this was voted up. I know quite a few people that have worked for the same company almost his or her whole life and it isn't a government position. One started as a mail clerk and is now a director. Bad actors are bad actors in any organization. The length of employment has zero bearing.

Comment Re:This is robusta coffee they're talking about (Score 2) 167

Starbucks is a fairly dark roast arabica for the regular coffee. The Pike Place is a medium roast so ask for that if you don't like the default. Robusta is popular in Sweden(?), I think. They switched over to it in the early 1900s(?) and everyone just grew accustomed to the taste. Its all about different strokes for different folks.

Comment Re:Stupid metric system (Score 1) 140

I hate to pedant, but 0C and 100C are extremely useful where you need a reference temperature since ice cold water and boiling water are cheap and readily manufacture-able. Plus, when its below 0C you know ice could show up on the roads. The issue is inertia. Imperial suck when you get into engineering calculations and maintaining units since everything doesn't convert in magnitudes of 10. One system makes sense to you and the other will always feel alien. It just seems to depend on the one you learnt first in school.

Comment Re:Makes sense (Score 2) 144

Here in Canada faxing is still common industries that do international business for the exact reason that emailing PDFs doesn't work. Some countries simply don't have reliable internet services. Telegram services probably still exist world wide since they are legally binding unlike email. Its one of those funny quirks about the legal system. Maybe people would have less problems cancelling with Comcast if they sent notice through telegram.

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