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Comment Re:Cell phones... Are we missing the "phone"? (Score 3, Informative) 258

Sorry, too many thoughts, too much incoherance...
1 - Phones need more phones. not less apps - just more phone functionality
2 - kill switch - this "could" go badly, but I'd like to see the history of use... Malicious app - Definitely see the use of it. Pirated app? Unlicensed app? Non-approved app? Patched app? These are more of a "Would they? Just because they can doesn't mean they should or will."

Comment Cell phones... Are we missing the "phone"? (Score 1) 258

Am I the only one who's a little purturbed at the lack of phone functionality a lot of these new smartphones have?
Mind you, I have an iPhone, but I mainly use it as a phone with some apps which increase business functionality. I'm just curious why there would be a need to use said "killswitch" on a phone - unlicensed app? illegal app? immoral app (such as malware / viruses)?

Comment Re:Drinking session (Score 0, Troll) 594


If I had points, I'd mod you up. He may have gone a tad overboard... she was clearly trying to piss them off, to get a response... Police in this situation are not necessarily dealing with sane, rational people. Group mentality can be a dangerous mentality, where it only takes a few to lead a large group into something they ordinarily wouldn't be doing.

As for her being put into a van: One can only guess. I just listened to the first words out of the woman's mouth, and wanted to toss a bucket of water on her... There's no respect towards the officers who are there to do a job, there's only attitude towards "the establishment", trying to be coy and smart for the cameras. With a little luck, she'll grow up before she gets into serious trouble.

Comment Re:Sorry, I don't buy it. (Score 1) 284

I'd mod you up if I had points... Rampage was an exception to the "He makes crap", in that it's a movie that I will likely buy - it was a genuinely good movie which deserves POSITIVE attention.

Most of what Boll has made was sensationalist crap, where he was playing off a video game theme and failed miserably... Compared to a fair number of movies out there now, this was a damn good movie. Won't win an Oscar, but you know, it deserves recognition.

And if you really think about the content of the movie, it should scare the crap out of you.

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 1) 137

OK, I laughed when I read that, and then I wondered: How much of that would be porn? NOBODY needs a porn collection that big. And I considered making a Library of Congress type comparison, but saying the LoC would be a single hair...... it got creepy. Can we just, as a collective, hit the delete key a couple dozen more times a day? And keep the porn down to under a terabyte?

Comment Re:As a parent of two children... (Score 4, Insightful) 756

As a parent of a 7 year old daughter, I can safely say that she wants McDonalds to JUST get the toy - McDonalds tends to get all the Disney / Dreamworks / ____ movie toys, and it's a huge draw for her. I tell her no toy, and she'll want to eat elsewhere. If I had points, I'd mod you up. As is, I can only knowingly nod and smile in agreement.

Comment Re:i need an example (Score 1) 497

thisismywirelessnetworkkey - 26 characters, you can guess what it is
iliketastypineapples - 20 characters, password at a client site
monkeysaretooawesomeforwords- 28 characters, password on one of my VM machines.

I've read some interesting articles about the whole "complexity vs length", and while complex passwords look to be more secure, watching someone type 8 keystrokes in a slow manner vs watching them type out a 20+ character sentence in a more natural keystroke manner (Go ahead - type "bL3ar8#Z", and then type "thisweatherisfantastic" - even at 22 characters, almost 3 times the length, it's far faster and easier to remember).

A decent pass phrase is easy to remember, but hard to guess - something familiar about your computer, family, the tree outside the window, the veins on your boss's forehead.... They're hard to guess. And hard to watch, as fingers would typically be typing at a much faster rate.

Comment On password aging... (Score 1) 497

I think it's time to let "123456" and "password1234" retire.

Oh look, a pun on "aging" and "retire"! ....

Seriously, I see too many people keeping their passwords. Some of the "Smarter" people I've met keep the same base 8-10 character password, with a 2 digit month at the end of it. 2-3 week password aging cycle? That 2 digit number gets 1 added to it every change, until they hit however many the cycle has to be, and then they start over again, or changing back to 1 every jan.

How about NON-IT related passwords: I'm talking about bank website, or telephone banking passwords? ATM PIN on their bank / credit card?
We change website, email passwords, network passwords, you bet, but the admin / root password on the systems they monitor?
How about revisiting your accounts on whatever social networks / forums you have and changing their passwords, or better yet, checking out to see if the answer to your "Security question" is available online somewhere? How often should we run the gamut of "What websites do I have a username and password on", and how often should we change THOSE passwords?

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