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Comment Re: Fake News? (Score 1) 624

It's not the so-called "alt-right" who's responsible for the discrediting the "fact-checking" sites, but those sites themselves. They went overboard with their lies, trying to torpedo Trump's campaign, but instead torpedoes themselves. All "alt-right" did was to expose these lies by using hard evidence.

What happens right now - right after Soros' puppet lost the election, they summoned an emergency meeting to decide how to deal with their growing problem of people falling out of line of their carefully set up lying press. Right after that the press started pushing the "fake news" narrative. After all what happened during the election campaign, you've got to be blind not to see what's going on. They want to introduce heavy censorship to block any attempts to expose the lying press and create a monopoly to report the news. If we allow that, only Jew-controlled media will be allowed to distribute information on the net.

Comment Re:I call (Score 1) 296

The muslim population in Europe has been growing rapidly, both through unrestricted immigration and high fertility rate. Meanwhile 40% children under 5 in Germany have migratory background. Since there are no mechanism to stop this process the outcome is obvious. Remember - SJWs like you will the first victims of islamisation. While they will be cutting off your head you will have enough time to assure yourself it isn't happening.

Comment Re:Easy to explain, it's a rational plan (Score 3, Insightful) 149

Too bad in order to go 100% renewable and be able to iron out daily and seasonal input fluctuation, we need an estimated 0.2-1 MWh capacity per person. What Tesla is planning to do this year covers maybe ONE MILLIONTH of what USA would need. Does that sound like a solid plan?

Comment Re:6,000 Year Old Temple Unearthed In Ukraine (Score 1) 109

You seem to be completely oblivious to the fact that the commies demolished a large number of churches of great achitectonic and historical importance during their terror reign. And that's not the thing of the past it seems - just recently Russians (i.e. the Russian Orthodox Church) have irreversibly destroyed ancient mural paintings of the German St.Katharina Church in Arnau (KÃnigsberg area, today occupied by Russia). Kirche Arnau - News. The Russians only seem to value history that suits them, otherwise they are behaving like vandals.

Comment Re:This just illustrates (Score 1) 365

The key word is "critical". Meaning - you don't have the comfort of using electricity as you like. There are devices in my household that are capable of running on a single AAA battery for several years, but it's definitely not my refridgerator, not my stove and not my computer. What do YOU do consider "critical"?

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