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Comment Re:Not sure what to think.... (Score 1) 784

When he went to Sweden is one situation, being in Sweden is another. Without knowing his thoughts your "point" is a beach ball

Your point here? You are disingenuously claiming that where there is smoke there is fire. A person can have "legitimate" allegations and even prosecutions but that does not make them accurate. You use "legitimate charges" as an implication of guilt in one place and use it differently in another.

No the rape accusation is not a legitimate accusation under law in the way that you imply. You are saying he is guilty because the UK agreed to his extradition. That is complete and utter rubbish. There is no implication of guilt in being extradited. The process of extradition is supposed to ensure that there is some basis for the charges (not guilt) and to ensure that there will be a fair trial. The process of extradition has bupkis to do with guilt or innocence. Besides the UK does not even follow that standard any more. See Laurie Love.

That the UK granted extradition means nothing about guilt or innocence.

Comment Re:Not sure what to think.... (Score 1) 784

You say...

>I have seen no actual evidence that supports Assange's claimed fear of US extradition or extraordinary rendition. He traveled freely to Sweden and the UK after releasing Manning's leaks, and the UK is not the place to go if you fear US extradition. The US has some individuals who want him punished, but no part of the US government has made any movement in that direction.

That is just disingenuous. There were illegal renditions in Sweden with the victims winding up in US black holes. Assange had reason to fear. Oh, yeah, no evidence, right. That is supporting evidence at least.

Just as you have no evidence. You claim no US interest. You speak for all the three letter organisations do you? You have the authority to do this?

I do not think that you are being unintentional in your manner of speech. You actually lie. Interpol and the UK did not find any rape charges legitimate, they found the warrant a legitimate document. Yet you claim they found the rape charges legitimate. This is false. Patently false. Demonstrably false. The law does not work that way.

Comment Re: Not sure what to think.... (Score 1) 784

Well, I did say I was using old knowledge. However I reject your response not because it from Wikipedia but because if you follow link provided (2) you find that it points to a document that says it is already extinct because there are less than 100,000 cases existent. So forgive me if I con sider the "cured" dubious. Restrained, of no further medical importance I might accept, but trace free? I want more evidence.

Nothing wrong with wikipedia provided you follow the links to see where the information came from. Wikipedia provides co-ordination not accuracy.

Comment Re:Best fucking part (Score 1) 784

I would not trust the courts in my own country not to pander to the US, let alone the UK. Both of our countries are bought and paid for. But yes, the UK could charge Assange of about avoiding their law. But as the crap falls out in Sweden, I am not sure it is likely though, I think that will have much to do with what Sweden (and USA) say and the public image the UK will have to face. What happens when the Swede says it was an invalid warrant issued by an overzealous prosecutor?It looks like it might be heading that way.

Comment Re:Best fucking part (Score 1) 784

Bulldust. They have the truth from the victims and other prosecutors reported no case to answer.

It is clear at this point that the prosecutor is not investigating and is stalling. It has become clear in Sweden. That is why she was sent to London. She has failed in her duties and followed a personal or political agenda.

As to charging him, well, are you asking me to believe that Sweden does not have laws against evading justice? Hell she got an international warrant out on him because he was a "fugitive". Look, you cannot have it both ways. Have you considered the point that you might be wrong?

Comment Re:Best fucking part (Score 1) 784

Yes they have. It is the duty of the pressure to obtain a speedy trial. It is acknowledge by Swedish authorities that her tactics consisted of delay after delay. deliberate delay. Most countries have "acting under the colour of the law" too.

Seeing as she took up the case after all other (and senior) prosecutors said "there was no case to answer" as do the "victims". You really believe she is not in the crap?

Comment Re:Assholes both of them. (Score 1) 784

Allowing anything to be classified is a dangerous thing. It shields official behaviour from scrutiny.

It is like the encryption debate. There are two sides to the argument and both are absolutes.

If you can trust your government then you can allow it to classify things so that secrets can be kept from enemies.
If you can not trust your government it will hide its bad behaviour behind the classified label.

The person who reveals the former is a traitor.
The person who reveals the latter is a hero.

So, what is revealed has to be considered. If it reveals official egregious offences against the law then the revealing person is a hero and should be praised not censured.

So what we have to ask is wether there was egregious behaviour involved. If yes, a patriot, if no, a traitor.

TL;DR "You pays youse money and you takes youse choice"

Comment Re:Best fucking part (Score 3, Informative) 784

Err... No. Catch up. Sweden's own prosecutor's are going to wind up in trouble in Sweden for breaking Sweden's laws.

There was no 'misconduct' in Sweden and neither of the supposed victims feel that there was anything seriously wrong. They both deny there was any rape. It is the prosecutor (with US connections) that laid the rape charges not the supposed victims. The same prosecutor who agreed to let him leave and then charged him as a fugitive.

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