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Comment Re:Spiritually (Score 1) 206

Then you lack creativity and balance. The definition for positive, zero and negative sum games are readily available.

Tell me, what are your feelings about public infrastructure? You think roads, railways, power plants should be built by crowd-funding? Oh! And what about libraries? That is where people who cannot afford to purchase books go. Round here it is the same with DVDs etc. If there is anything I want then the local public library will get it in for me (not speculation, experience). So if I indulged in any piracy it would be supremely arrogant. That is probably the case in most civilised or semi civilised societies.

Comment Re: Wanting to limit the choices (Score 1) 206

Wow, does your echo chamber blur things?

If I could have supported and educated my kids by painting I would have done so. I stated what I would need to do incurred even further cost to the point where "painting for profit" only applies to house painters. And you seem to think that recognising the reality of the situation is somehow not a "good grasp of reality". You really have your head on backwards.
You have no reason (or given none) for your belief that the nett choices will increase. You know (have agreed) that some choices will be lost. So you prefer your speculation (silly speculation at that) over your facts. And you do not even attempt to detail what 'more' choices you think there will be.

Comment Re:"creative" poeple (Score 1) 206

Understanding how things work... hhmmm... I think perhaps better than you.

I paint water paints. I do not like to use acrylic or oils. If I had to use oils I would stop painting.

For me to make a living from my art (I do not) I need it to be seen and sold. Photos on the internet are not good enough. I need a physical place to hang my work and someone to take the money. Now painting is not well remunerated (in your lifetime) even if you are good the "hourly rate" sucks badly. This is reality. So, I earn my money coding. But I would rather paint - with water paint. I am not complaining. Its is what it is.

But you want to limit the choices of both artists and consumers.

I am done here.

Comment Re:"permanent" harm (Score 1) 206

Again you wish to force your choice on others.

It so happens I have ponied up funds for two movies being made. But I may not live to see their completion nor do I have any guarantee my money is not wasted. They will never have good production value because crowdfunding is simply inadequate to produce blockbuster quality movies.

The Missionary Church of Kopimism is as full of crap as Hubbard. Its philosophies inconsistent. They should study some information theory. Yes it it is arbitrary.

Comment Re:"permanent" harm (Score 1) 206

Bullshit. Big things take big investments. Big things take big organisations. It is nothing to do with lack of imagination. It is, after all, creative people we are talking about. The issue is funding and organising.

You are being hypocritical again - "...not a fault of my system itself" when you do not have a system. You are just deeming certain thing to be unfit to exist. Arbitrarily. By fiat.

Comment Re:This is not about specific people (Score 1) 206

Now you understand you have been a bourke, you try and trivialise? "harm gets done..." No retraction, no apology, about the fact that you are willing to create harm based on nothing but you think you are right.

You made it about authoritarianism when you expressed an authoritarian attitude.

Having to pay a reasonable price for a blockbuster is being harmed is it? No, not paying for it is doing the harm.

I am not a supporter of the current copyright situation. But your views are extreme and dictatorial. The views a child might have. You might want to reconsider them.

Comment Re:This is not about specific people (Score 1) 206

1. This is about one group (you) actively forcing their views on others.
2. Your belief is irrelevant. I do not care about your belief. I care about your wish to harm many, many others (creators and consumers).
3. Let's Godwin your ridiculous attitude for once and all. Following orders is obeying rules. Rules never decide. The one who makes the rules decides. The one that makes the rules is authoritarian. As you are. Good rules are seldom made by single minds. Not even yours.

You are willing to cause an immense amount of permanent harm (it would appear) to many, many people (an entire multi-national industry) based on your sole, totally unsupported opinion (hypothesis). Your attitude of "I'm right, you can all get fucked" is the problem; as well as being what makes you an authoritarian. You would make a great dictator.

Comment Re:Objection (Score 1) 206

And I choose to watch and pay for blockbusters. You want that forcibly taken away from me in the expectation that I will be 'forced' to spend my other elsewhere and people you admire or think should be supported will benefit, while millions of working stiffs lose creative jobs they enjoy.

You are no less an authoritarian than are the music and film companies, trump, and Kim il Jong. You want the world change to meet your wants. You are not operating on 'principle'.

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