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Comment Re:In Other Words (Score 1) 413

If you take the assertion that the Universe is a simulation seriously, then rocks ARE designed objects, even though there is absolutely nothing about rocks to suggest that they actually are designed.

Non Sequiteur. That does not follow. The Universe could be designed to obey a few simple rules and evolve from that. Thusly the Universe can be a simulation and still require no design for rocks (or human beings).

Comment Re: Excellent (Score 1) 218

Locally I had heard otherwise and it may differ here. A private vehicle and a car for hire are different registration requirements. One is private and one is commercial. And never the twain shall meet. The cost of registration and the cost (and terms) of the mandatory third party insurance differ. In law. I don't think Uber can change that.

They do not give two shits about their passengers either. I do not think their driver requirements are anything like stringent enough.

Comment Re: Excellent (Score 5, Interesting) 218

That will not continue. They are attempting monopoly. When they achieve it they will exploit it.

For me being in a taxi means that if there is an accident I am covered every way from Sunday. Regardless of who is at fault, regardless of medical insurance status, irregardless I will be covered and compensated for losses. If I travel in a Uber car, a paying fare, I am not covered at all, not even by the local mandatory third party insurance. A potential disaster.

Calling and using a cab provides limited information to the cab company. Using Uber reports my location (and god knows what else) to Uber 24/7 and I am even paying for the electricity and hardware to do it. While the cops may get such records form the phone company, Uber just demanding, taking them is an insult. Why would anyone sane accept those terms of service?

The intent of Uber is a world wide (or as wide as they can get) monopoly. Its business model is a losing proposition at its current pricing rates. When other alternatives (some better, some worse) have been wiped out it will exploit that monopoly and not only price wise. It will have the capacity to make areas popular or unpopular and all the influence that comes with that.

They are not even subtle about it. You know what "uber" means don't you? Google übermensch and uber alles.

Comment Re:We need to sue all employers (Score 1) 360

No, what makes you a misandrist is the words that you used and the attitudes expressed. I do not do straw men.

You can be as supercilious as you wish but it gives you no credit. You are too young to be aware of many facts it seems. The 'safe spaces' for women goes back as far as the 'sixties. And I agree with it. But I do not agree with the same safe spaces being removed from men. Everyone needs a place where they can talk freely and do not need to constantly monitor their tongue. Even misandrists and misogynists.

Comment Re:We need to sue all employers (Score 1) 360

But that is a problem isn't it?


Men are no longer permitted to have a gender in public?

Utterly false. There are quite a number of people who call themselves men's right's activists who seem convinced that man==arsehole so being against arseholes is being against men. I don't believe men are inherently bad, so I don't subscribe to that definition.

And a private space where they can vent, well that is just misogynist?

If you're being a misogynist in private, you're still a misyognist.

You keep your misandry to yourself. You are proving my point. You "don't believe men are inherently bad" but they require re-education don't they?

Women must have safe spaces where they can vent. Maybe they should modify their feelings instead just as you seem to require men to do?

When women look at men's rights activists and say they are arseholes (who consider themselves to be assholes) they might consider that many men might have the same view of feminists for the same reason. You are a bigot. You are a feminist. You are a disrespecter of men. That is established by the "men's right's activists who seem convinced that man==arsehole". You are against any man who does not comply with your wishes and views. You are not an equalitarian."

Comment Re:Why isn't Uber being sued? (Score 1) 360

Good god, most of the guys posting here are or have been victims of pervasive harassment. They are geeks.

Maybe some just want to see facts not fantasies and flames. We have yet to see any shred evidence.

You are presuming the unlikely case that her claims are accurate just because she made them. That is foolish.

Comment Re:This (Score 1) 360

That would also be pretty well impossible for any woman I have ever known unless she was the only woman present and maybe not then. If you think that testicles or ovaries do not affect sentience then you go against a massive field of evidence and the bulk of the psychiatry and psychological world.

In case you did not know it, men in majority female workplaces cop a lot too. With far less recourse.

Comment Re:There is that lovely "Women are wonderful" effe (Score 1) 360

Oh, really? Why would that be?

There are varied uniquely male privileges to be obtained.
There are varied uniquely female privileges to be obtained.
There are privileges that come with decency. I won't say human decency as I have known animals to have that decency and it should be reciprocated.

Very, very few obtain more than a small fraction of the privilege they could obtain.

Very often the members of a given group do not recognise their own privileges as they seem natural within that group. That makes the grass look even greener on the other side of the fence.

There is privilege everywhere. It is hard not to see it. It is best to try and be objective.

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