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Submission + - Apple discontinues ZFS project 4

Zaurus writes: Apple has replaced its ZFS project page with a notice that "The ZFS project has been discontinued. The mailing list and repository will also be removed shortly." Apple originally touted ZFS as a feature that would be available in Snow Leopard Server. A few months before release, all mention of ZFS was removed from the Apple web site and literature, and ZFS was notably absent from Snow Leopard Server at launch. Despite repeated attempts to get clarification about their plans from ZFS, Apple has not made any official statement regarding the matter. A zfs-macos google group has been set up for members of apple's zfs-discuss mailing list to migrate to, as many people had started using the unfinished ZFS port already. The call is out for developers who can continue the forked project.

Comment Re:Accurate? Not for me (Score 1) 115

Commits are definitely a bad metric - for one of the projects I'm involved with it shows I have 24 out of something like 800 commits, which doesn't factor in the commits I made while it was still a private project in a repo with other things, and it doesn't count research and political work required to make the project happen. Also, lots of my contributions to things have been submitting a patch, which got me a mention in the commit log, but Ohloh doesn't pick up on that.

Submission + - Upcoming PC & Laptop Technologies

phidipides writes: "While debating whether or not to upgrade my current laptop and server machines I started looking into what new technologies have arrived and what was on the way, and found surprisingly little. Serial ATA 3.0 offers faster hard disk speeds, and DVI provides better video support, but otherwise there doesn't seem to be much reason to upgrade other than the standard faster processors and more RAM. Are there any other new interfaces or technologies that are worth upgrading for, or is anything on the near horizon?"

Submission + - Adium 1.0 Final Released

An anonymous reader writes: The Adium Development team has anounced the realese of Adium 1.0, go to and check it out!

Submission + - Vonage touts Mac Incompatibility

pschicago writes: I was cruising around "Vonage's web site, and was reading about their Click-2-Call feature, when I came across this amusing paragraph:

You download Click-2-CallSM at no extra charge. It works with Windows '98 or higher. And since it's not available for Mac that gives you — you new paragon of PC productivity, you — a rare chance to out-cool those so-called creative types.
There's something to be proud of!

Comment Re:WE already HAVE changed teh planet, it large wa (Score 1) 460

Do you know what percentage of atmospheric gases is CO2?

0.035%'s_atmosphere (Pie chart a little bit down the page.)

Let's say, just for argument, that the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere doubles. Then it makes up 0.07% of the earth's atmospheric gases.

This is not going to kill us.

"Carbon emissions for U.S. territories range from 9 to 12 million metric tons per year." .html

One metric ton is 1000 kg.

"Volcanic activity now releases about 130 to 230 teragrams (145 million to 255 million short tons) of carbon dioxide each year."

One short ton is 2000 kg.

Let us compare. US activity gives off 18-24 million short tons, volcanic activity 145-255 million short tons, of CO2 each year.

How much can we affect climate change if our entire CO2 emission is 1 percent of that of a single natural source of CO2?

Comment Re:abuse of power (Score 1) 1691

The entirety of this article is slightly off anyway, given the volume of names in WoW that violate this policy anyway i can only imagine the GM was having a bad day, saw your name and decided to do something (either because he reads slashdot and thought he was somehow defending your honor or because it does actually violate that clause, also - without actually trying to kiss up - i believe it may also violate the celebrity part as well. I have seen all kinds of very bad celebrity and genre violations along with charaters w/ names like buymystuff or mule. Blizzard needs to go through and either kill all these names or just let them all in (i would prefer killing them all). Let's face it, WoW is an RPG, it is in the fantasy genre, this prevents a name like CmdrTaco, ForceMaster, liteyouup and so many more we've all seen from really fitting into the game. These names tend to ruin the illusion of the game. There may not be much, but it is there. What they should have done is not let you create the name in the first place. I've been told by a GM they manually approve each name, like I personally witnessed an EQ guide friend of mine do for EQ, but with the quantity of bad names in the game and only 550 GM's for 5 million players worldwide, I doubt Blizzard has the ability to do that. Besides, that would be like having good customer service... and we all know how good they are there...

Journal Journal: Qitcherbitchin


It's almost enough to make you not want to moderate, sifting through the enormous amounts of absolute shit that people spam /. with. A diatribe on Filipinos; the endless supply of ring-around-Uranus jokes (and comments re: cuing said jokes) on the story about Saturn's newly discovered ring; the first-post-and-fuck-yous that aren't even first post. From a fucking AnCow, even--what's the fucking point?? And spam. My God, the spam.

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