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Comment Re:Hmm (Score 1) 827

In essence, I would agree with you, except for the Communist belief that they are on the leading edge of a societal wave that will dominate the world. This found expression in the (insert number here) Internationals at first. When the Soviets gave up on that methodology in the late 1930s, it became more popular to support insurgencies around the world. There were brushfire wars going on all over the world from the 1950s through the early 1990s that were at least partially instigated by the Soviet Union.

You only know about the famous ones - Korea, Afghanistan and Vietnam. Perhaps Cuba. But you don't know so much about Nicaragua, El Salvador, Angola, Malaysia...the list goes on for a long time. So I give you a link with at least outline information about them.

I hope you'll take this opportunity to educate yourself about Soviet aggression.

Comment To be fair... (Score 1) 827

The American bases were planted during an UNwanted occupation post-WWII. I am not sure that the Germans have entirely "accepted" the idea of foreign bases on their soil, even today. It may have been beneficial during the Cold War but post-1991, I don't see why they would want them anymore. I say that having been to at least one of those bases.

That said, Poland and Hungary asked for what they got.

Comment Re:Allo? FB Messenger? (Score 1) 140

The competing product from Google and Facebook are both available on iOS and Android. Add to that the fact that Android owns so much more of the smart phone market than Apple.

Yes, however iMessage covers not only the iPhone, but every iPad, every iWatch, and every Mac as well. That's a pretty damn big ecosystem.


Comment Re:Hillary is a mass killer (Score 1) 182

Excusing Hillary or Obama or GWB or Clinton I's behavior in any way is reprehensible. Clinton didn't have to launch missiles at an aspirin factory, GWB didn't have to invade Iraq, there was no clear and present danger, and Obama didn't have to launch missiles into Yemen a few days ago (same same).

Clinton is another in a long line of murdering scumbags who play fast and loose with both American and foreign lives. If someone could elucidate why we have a national interest in these places sufficient to get our sons and daughters killed, then i'd be on board, but no one can. These wars are pointless dick waving attempts to retain hegemony and deflect domestic criticism.

So yes, I don't want any of the internationalists at all. I want a nice stolid isolationist.

Comment Hillary is a mass killer (Score 1, Interesting) 182

Let's start with Benghazi - 4 dead. Libya in general: 114 civilians killed and 445 wounded during Odyssey Dawn.
Iraq War: (voted for, supported) 4,424 US dead, 30k+ US wounded. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi and other casualties
Afghanistan War: (same, same) 2,386 US dead, 20k+ US wounded. Hundreds of thousands of Afghan and other casualties.

After that, we can talk about the dozens of US dead after involvement in her scandals. Vince Foster, et al.

Comment Re: Practice makes perfect (Score 1) 182

I do have a kind of dirty avuncular thing going on. I think in general I just get bored of their shit, though.

Sex is an attention getting scheme for many women, and when it stops working they lose interest. It stops working because when the hormones get satisfied, I have geekery to pay attention to. Far more interesting than most women.

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