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Comment 1996 (Score 1) 136

Back in high school, around 1996, I discovered FreeBSD and Slackware while scouring the USENET.

Installed both in turn on my Packard Bell 486DX2 to check it out. Didn't really know how to use it and didn't know anyone to talk to for questions. But was still excited on the idea of a completely free OS.

A year+ later I was in college and learning about it again, first in intro CS classes, this time using Red Hat and with many knowledgeable peers to learn from. Then I started building and configuring the kernel for my PC (Pentium 233MHz MMX). If I remember, the first kenel I compiled was 2.2.10 or so. Then moved on to Mandrake, Debian, and Ubuntu and Linux Mint.

Comment Re:PDF encryption (Score 1) 809

Exactly. Engineering is not about finding the biggest hammer and applying it on everything. Even though that will work, but there are other restrictions you must satisfy. Asking what type of file is relevant because those types may already offer its own way to do what you asked.

If all I need is to send an excel file that I want to keep from prying eyes, then putting a password on it would be good enough. I don't want to tell the end user to install PGP or GPG, generate their own key pair, then sending the public key to the recipient, and 10 other steps to get everything set up.

A quick and easy solution is generally better than a general, optimized, but slow to implement solution. Of course there are exceptions to this. If you're building a file sharing service, then using a PKI would be a better solution than depending on Acrobat or Excel's mechanism. But you didn't specify that in your question.

Everyone has their Achille's heel, but that doesn't mean they're bad developers.

Comment Re:Arrgh! Where's my 16:10 (Score 1) 311

Is is a reasonable price maybe 4 years ago. The prices of 16:10's haven't come down at all, while you can buy 16:9's on sale at around $140 (or less).

We really would like to be able to buy 16:10's at around that price. even if at 11% higher price for the extra screen real estate, it should only cost about $155. The price on this website is twice that. It's NOT reasonable because it's at a premium compared to the other ratios.

Comment Re:Thanks, but no thanks (Score 2) 161

The corporation is not the same as the country it is from. Of course the CCP may be in control of the company. But they would have to obey U.S. laws if they were to operate on U.S. soil. WIth that said, I'll give them a try if they offer $5 unlimited voice and data plans ;-) At lease until other carriers lower their prices. Competition is a good thing.

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