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Comment I've been looking into this. (Score 0) 127

My mom recently passed away and I had seen a news clip somewhere about this.
I wanted (and still want to) do this for her, for my dad when his time comes and for some of my other relatives that have long since passed away but are all but forgotten now except by the few remaining survivors. I would love to do something to honor and respect their memories and their pasts.

So I looked at the website that offers the QR service for memorials, lifemarker.com

This was the biggest question I had and I found the answer I expected.

Q: How long will the LifeMarkerTM web archive be maintained?
A: Web archive page(s) that comply with the terms and conditions of LifeMarkerTM, LLC will be maintained for as long as the company is in business.

Well we all know how long companies stay in business. Not very long.
So what I'm doing now is trying to find a way to put something online that will stay online for 100 years (or as long as the internet is alive).

Another thing about the company, the sample they exhibit didn't really impress me. So it's time to roll my own.

I'm thinking buy a domain and hosting and put up any content you want. Make sure that archive.org crawls it. Then generate a QR code for the archive.org copy of your content. You can generate your own QR code easily. Then find someone that can do ceramics and have it put onto a ceramic tile. Lots of people do ceramics as a hobby. Find a way to attach it to the headstone that will never turn loose. There must be a ~permanent~ adhesive.

I'm sure this isn't the best way to do it but it's just something I pulled out of thin air. I need to do a lot more research on it but I honestly have little faith in that lifemarker company being around for long, much less any other company.

Comment Re:Man whose job relies on the scientific method.. (Score 0) 743

Siddhartha Gautama aka The Budda aka Buddha is not a deity. The Buddha was simply a human being like all other human beings.
Buddha means "enlightened one".
One respectfully honors the memory of The Buddha but one does not worship The Buddha. Generally.
For the majority of Buddhists, it is not a religion, it is a philosophy.

Just sayin.. :-)

Comment Crossing the line (Score 0) 148

When I walk out in my back yard and find a little helicopter hovering around taking photos of my house and yard, I am going to shoot it down unless it's clearly marked as a law enforcement drone.

If it's a commercial drone, it's going down. I'm going to get myself a .22 caliber pellet rifle. It's not a firearm but it will jack up a camera lens and or put a nice hole in a plastic fuel tank. Google has already crossed the line on every other avenue. I can see them trotting these out soon. If I'm not mistaken, they've been working with developing drones for quite some time already..

Comment Re:Paying money for privacy? (Score 0) 10

I got a Walmart money card. The card is free. You have to put at least $25 on it the first time you use it.
Each time you add money to it they charge you a $3 fee. The funds are instantly available vs Visa Greendot which you have to wait an hour to be able to use it then you have to mess around entering codes on your phone to load the money into the card. And they charge you $5 to load the card.

With the Walmart card you hand them cash, the $3 fee and the card. They swipe the card, you press YES on the terminal and it's done. You can then go use it anywhere you like, just like any other Visa card.

I only put money on the card when I need to use it and I only put as much money on it as I need for the purchase. I don't pre-load it so there's never money just sitting on it. I load it and spend it right away. This limits the damage someone can do to me if they hack the system. In 2010 my Credit Union issued Visa card was hacked (someone stole like 50 million Visa card numbers) and they ripped me off for over $900.. It took me months to get it back and during that time my account was suspended and I couldn't use my Visa card OR my credit union account, at all! That PISSED ME OFF and I vowed to never let that happen again. That's when I started using pre-pay debit cards. Preemptive damage control. Sure, it's an inconvenience but the risk is reduced by a huge factor.

Besides, I learned that my credit union sells records of customer transactions to third parties. THAT really pissed me off...

I hate what this world has become. I hate the greed. I won't participate in the filthy, greedy cluster-f**k that life has become.

Comment Re:The problem isn't paying... (Score 0) 10

Well see, this is what I want to avoid. I want true freedom from greedy money grubbers prying into my personal doings.

I have become a member of Diaspora and they claim to be open and honest about your privacy. That's all fine and good but Diaspora is a closed system and it took me over a year to get in after I requested access.

I have facebook despite the fact that I hate them for the same reasons I hate google. But, my family, my kids and even my grandkids are on facebook and they use it frequently. They post photos and pour out their lives there and that's how I get to see their photos and peek into their lives. They are going to do it no matter what I tell them about privacy so I might as well follow them and see the things they post. I can't expect them to flood my email with photos and detailed accounts of their daily life..

But yeah, I want secure, private email. I would like a blog too. I looked at Wordpress and their privacy options suck. They don't allow you to restrict your blog audience and they don't allow you to delete your account if you decide to pack it up and quit. And they hound you for $$ for more features. They nickel and dime you to death for each and every little option. Tumbler is about the same. None of the blogging sites I've seen give you fine grained controls or privacy options. Blogger came about as close as you could get but then we're back to that awful choice of trading away your privacy to them. NONE of them allow you the option to prevent google or other search engines from indexing the contents. Sometimes people just want to share with family & close friends but not the rest of the world.

I refuse to sign up for or be a part of Google+. That is a stalker's wet dream come true. I joined early on through an invite and I was appalled at the lack of control you have. You can't block creepy people. Creepy people can add you to their circles and you can not remove yourself from them. For instance, some creep could find me on Google+ and add me to a circle he has created such as "Women I want to rape, murder and dismember".. No matter what I say or do, I can not stop this person from adding me or watching me on their lovely social network. In reality, several disgusting, gross men added me into circles they had created, without asking me if they could. I complained and told them to remove me. They told me things like "Chill out bitch, I'm just checkin you out.".. I complained to google about these people and google told me all I can do is prevent them from commenting on my posts but I can not prevent them from seeing my profile or reading anything I post to "public". This is what pushed me to delete my Google+ account completely.

I've looked at DuckDuckGo and I may start using it. Bing sucks. Google search has turned crappy after the inclusion of google+ into google search.
I just can't find many good reasons to continue using google search. It's just not a good search engine anymore, it's tainted and then there's the privacy problem.

Picasa, I never liked it. I don't like Flickr either. Photobucket and all the rest, I just don't like them, at all. I would like to have a place where I can share photos I take with my family but where I maintain total control over who can access it. Private should mean private. Private shouldn't mean partially private.

I did figure out how to install TOR on my iPhone. I like that by using TOR I am subverting their greedy money machine, to a degree. I had an adblocker on my iPhone and that helps, a little. But I want more privacy enhancements on it too. On my desktop system I have Ghostery, adblock+ and several other privacy enhancers installed though I don't use TOR on my desktop, it's just too slow.

So I guess you are right in that I shouldn't equate a pay system with a righteous system. I don't mind paying money for services, just as long as they totally respect my privacy. I would be more than happy to pay for privacy, if that's what it takes. But if I can find free services that are truly free and they provide me with respect for my rights and my privacy, I would certainly look into them and consider them as well.

Enough is enough. I've had it with the greedsters, the parasitical banksters, the predatory capitalists, and the profiteering corporations. I've had it with the 1%'ers and I want a divorce from the rotten, broken relationship. I'm open to constructive suggestions.

Thanks.. :-)


Submission + - Kicking the Google habit. What are the viable alte 10

Dee Ann_1 writes: As most people are aware, Google is in the process of converting from being just a little evil to being totally evil. Enough is enough. I have made the decision to eliminate ALL google goods, services and products from my life. That means no more google anything, no more youtube, no more google search, no more gmail, etc..

I also want to totally strip all google services and products from my iPhone 3GS (it's jailbroken & unlocked). Not just disable them, STRIP them from the phone completely or at least break them so that it is impossible for them to function.

Google is not free. You exchange your privacy, a great deal of it, in exchange for their "free" services. I don't like this plan.

What I want to do is exchange CASH for services from some other company that will respect my privacy and security. My ISP (RR) doesn't even provide secure email, at all, for one.

I want to PAY money for access to a search engine, for secure email, for blogging, for etc..

There are a lot of things that google provides but certainly there must be pay services out there that are GOOD alternatives, are there not?

I'm fed up with and tired of "free" because the cost is more than I'm willing to pay..

So, where can one go to get QUALITY, privacy respecting pay services now in this world of so called "free" internet?

Comment Re:Please, KILL them. (Score 1) 175

Yes I do know what the implications would be. We could have a world that would be SAFE from the vermin that is out to fuck everyone.
I've been a victim of this bullshit and I'm fucking sick of it.
Data breaches happen every day, many, many times a day.

Back in the old days someone had to stick a gun in your face to rob you.
Now, spineless pussies sit in dark, dank basements and rob you with a mouse from halfway around the world or maybe next door to you.

Fuck them. Kill them and put an end to the problem. As they are killed off and the bodies pile up, the others that haven't been killed yet might start re-thinking their priorities and stop this bullshit.

Yeah. I'm pissed. And no, I am not a "bro". I'm a pissed off woman.

Comment Please, KILL them. (Score 0) 175

President Obama needs to assemble a SEAL team that goes out in the dark of night and KILLS the people that illegally hack networks and wreak havoc.
Fucking KILL THEM. Please. The virus writers? Kill them. Spammers? Kill them too.. These people are vermin and scum and they deserve to die.

Just god damn kill them all. I am 1000% serious.

No judge, no jury, no posse comitatus, no debate. Threat detected? Deploy a hit team to go exterminate the cockroaches where ever they are.
Be it in mommie's basement or corporate offices, put a fucking bullet in their heads.

Problem solved.

Comment I want a new iPhone 5 but, (Score 0) 308

I heard that Verizon puts Microsoft Skype on all their smartphones. That, is 100% unacceptable.
I'm also very unhappy with the fact that Twitter is embedded into iOS 5 and can not be removed.

I intend to jailbreak my iPhone 5 just as I have jailbroken my previous iPhones (two gen1's and a 3GS) and it is my hope that I can strip these unwanted apps from my phone at that time. I do not play games of any kind and I do not want any games on my phone. And most of all, I want ad blocking. The embedded ad crap in iOS pisses me off, big times!!! I'm not going to share my limited and expensive bandwidth with ads that are 99% of the time irrelevant to me. I don't want ANYONE monitoring what I do with my smartphone or tracking my physical location or what I'm browsing online, it's no one's business. The number one reason I insist on jailbreaking is to regain control of my privacy and control over my limited and precious bandwidth. It's MY PHONE, I bought it, I paid for it, it's my property, it's PRIVATE and personal and I do not give anyone permission to stick their noses into anything I do. Not Apple, AT&T, Verizon, app developers, ISP's or anyone else, anywhere. Keep the f**k out of my business!

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