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Comment Re:Article brings random wonder... (Score 1) 139

I bet it absolutely could be used to make a super-soldier, wearing some kind of high-tech exoskeleton. And, as you say, maybe already have, why would they tell anyone. This and the invisibility thing being reported on in the say day. Crysis much?

I love carbon nanotubes, we need a way to make lots of them cheaper.

Comment Re:Hrrm (Score 1) 350

Where would a /. er find a supermodel to clone anyways?

Assuming the cloning process produces a mature specimen - sci-fi, I know - I would clone myself for sure - we could take turns going to work, maybe have another job or 2, get to spend more time with the kiddos and wife, make more money.

Of course, I'd have to watch that shifty bastard pretty closely, I know he would plot against me..

Anyways I'm sure human cloning has been going on for a while... We're just not in the tax bracket that would allow it.


Submission + - This Is the Way Facebook Ends (vice.com)

pigrabbitbear writes: "For the past eight years, Facebook has been the central neural network of the Internet’s link-sharing brain. But as the site has grown, so have our needs. Now that the company’s public, it’s crunch time, and the skeptics and haters are lining up to talk about how it might all end. One thing’s for certain: whether it’s a bang or a whimper, Facebook is not forever. How could it collapse? Let me count the ways."

Comment Re:Can you blame them? (Score 1) 473

I'm tempted to be sympathetic. I indeed would be tempted to do less than savory things if it meant the difference between starving or not. But my sympathy ends when someone tries to steal from me, or people I know personally. Now you are an enemy, and shall reap what you have sown.

When someone begs me for change when I'm out walking or whatever, I politely decline usually. If the person becomes aggressive, or tries to take the change, or break into my property... Well, I can't assume that that person means me no harm, can I? Expect a rational person to act accordingly to protect their property and/or person.

Lots of the victims of these scammers are fixed - income people. Falling victim to a scam could push them into bankruptcy. How is it better that the victim of the scam is pushed into bankruptcy, instead of the perpetrator of it?

Comment Re:Question- How did scammers do this? (Score 2) 473

I like this idea very much! Now to find a modem...

They didn't like me very much when this "fake MS virus support" guy phoned me earlier this week (Canada). He didn't like my attitude, if you can believe that! He phones me, with the express purpose of stealing from me, and then expects me to be polite?

Well fuck that!

Comment Re:Marketing (Score 1) 308

Yeah, no doubt it's a little thick. Surely there are more productive ways to spend time than gaming... Why yes, yes there are. Such as watching TV or movies, listening to music. Huh. No wait, those things aren't productive either, just another way to spend free time, if you are lucky enough to get some in a day. I happen to feel that watching soccer or golf on the tv is one of the most boring, least productive, stupid ways to spend 4+ hours of your life, but who am I to argue, if that's what you'd like to do.

I used to enjoy gaming much more than I do now. Partially it has to do with the same old play over and over, no innovations have been done for 10 years it feels like, partially due to the company of fellow gamers.. (there are some real TOOLS that play online these days...) Partially due to lack of LAN-based play... Partially due to having very little time to game...

The rest of us are busy creating real things in the real world and doing things that people who have lives that don't revolve around toys would be interested in.

Congrats are in order to this person, who is able to make 100% of their time productive! What a shining example of an incredible human being. Hats off to you sir! I personally need a few minutes every day where I do something that is just "fun" and in no way am I obligated to do anything in particular. Please enlighten us all, what DO you spend ALL OF your precious 'free time' doing that is so critical to the rest of mankind?

Comment Re:heh (Score 1) 1091

I think even the most optimistic Linux-lover has given up seeing many ladies choosing that as a hobby.. :( NEED MOAR GIRLZ!!

Maybe that's the real key to the Microsoft led Desktop OS dominance... They convinced girls that it's good, so they have 1/2 the people convinced right out of the gate.. :) (Not sure all girls are convinced by MS, but they certainly don't seem to have a lot of voice in the FOSS world...)

Comment Re:Emperor's New Clothes Day again?!! (Score 1) 1091

The moving target is what will make it hard for commercial developers to target Linux. I would use more Linux on the desktop (I use Win7 mostly now-a-days) if gaming worked under Linux (which it would if you could develop for ONE platform under Linux - which is really maybe what Linux is really lacking?). Yes I know Wine is decent, and is leaps and bounds ahead of where we were even 5 years ago.

Having said that, my machine at home has a pretty new video card, and was built for gaming, I'm not going to install a second rate (for that purpose only) OS on it, and fight trying to get new game "X" to work under wine. I know it is possible to make it happen, but I just don't care enough to spend the time. That is GAMING time, not Hack time. (Hack time is fun too.. but my gaming machine is kind of a temple at which I worship - I know I have deeper problems than my choice of desktop OS, lol!)

If you are seriously telling me to go get an XBox for gaming, I can seriously tell you don't know a lot about PC gamers. PC gaming is the e-peen-ultimate gaming platform, and has been for years. I have an XBox. Haven't powered it on in months. Why would I, almost every good game is available for the Microsoft Windows platform. And damn does Windows 7 work nice and slick, and fast, and damn does it look good doing it.

This coming from someone that actually does believe that MOST people don't do ANYTHING with their PCs running Windows, that they couldn't accomplish using Linux. Most people don't even do ANY word processing nowadays... All they need is a web kiosk, doesn't matter the OS, as it rarely even runs local software (YMMV, just what I've seen from lots of "average" users at home). It's just that my use-case favors Windows. Heavily.

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