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Comment Re:FFS, I know exactly what was done... (Score 1) 406

Interesting. That's definitely not the case in Nevada and most gaming jurisdictions in the US adopted/copied Nevada's laws.

A broad reading of this rule can mean that anytime a dealer accidentally bends a card, all the cards in a shoe need to be replaced (the bent card is now marked; replacing just the one card is not enough because the replaced card would be less worn out than the other cards in the shoe and thus can still be distinguished by a sharp eyed player.) That's crazy.

Comment FFS, I know exactly what was done... (Score 5, Insightful) 406

I get how edge sorting (the name of the technique used) works. It's been a known advantage play move for decades and explanation of this exploit has been in print both in advantage play (Abram's casino tactics book) and casino game protection literature(Steve Forte's book). Shame on paid casino managers/executives for not being aware of it.

It's not illegal to use marked cards if neither you nor a compatriot marked the cards. Look up the case law if you don't believe me. If someone accidentally bends a corner of a card, you don't have to pretend not to notice; you can legally use that info as long as you didn't do it yourself and the guy didn't do it for your benefit.

I've made the point in other posts, but it's the casino's responsibility to protect their games. The casino provided the cards, the casino trained dealer rotated the cards thus allowing edge sorting to be used, the pit personnel and surveillance observed this, and had no problems with it. Ivy and his partner never touched the cards and didn't alter the cards in any way. This was a social engineering attack on a casino's greed and incompetence, but it was not cheating.

This was a horrible decision by the judge.


Comment Re:Con? (Score 1) 406

It was not cheating. They never touched the cards and they didn't collude with the dealer. The casino management was dumb enough to agree to their requests because Ivy cultivated an image of a sharp poker player but a degenerate gambler in other areas.
It's the casino's job to protect the game, not the player's.
Every pit boss involved in allowing this play should be fired.

There is a legal definition for cheating in each jurisdiction that allows gambling, and Ivy's actions didn't come close to meeting the legal definition of cheating.

I don't know Ivy personally, but I have won hundreds of thousands of dollars from casinos over the years using legal means. These plays and this case have been known to and discussed within the advantage play community over the past year. No one who understands exactly what went on thinks that it was cheating.

Comment Completely wrong!!! (Score 2) 406

When you play Baccarat in AC or in Europe, you play against the casino. Other players only bank games in places like non-Indian casinos in California.
Also, he did not cheat.
The casino has a duty to protect the game. They agreed to all his requests. This is the equivalent of the dealer accidentally flipping over the hole card at Blackjack and you taking advantage of it. The judge made a very boneheaded ruling and I hope that Ive appeals.

Comment Re:I'm one of those that pre-ordered. (Score 1) 291

I've disliked Apple and Steve Jobs since for a variety of reasons since the early 90s.
1) They crushed the Mac clone market
2) Until switching to Intel's CTD chips,they sold inferior hardware for bloated prices to their legions of loyal fans.
3) Jobs/Pixar/Stock options
4) iTunes

Amazon provides solid hardware at great prices, they allow me to copy PDFs directly to my Kindle via a regular, 99 cent USB cable, they provided free instant videos to Prime Users, etc, etc, etc.

Apple will not get a penny from me at long as they insist on controlling everything via iTunes and selling proprietary crab accessories like cables for $40.

Comment I'm one of those that pre-ordered. (Score 1) 291

I don't own a tablet yet. I refuse to give Apple any money, and other tablets didn't impress me.
I like that this thing is only 7" and will fit into an inside suit jacket pocket.
I was seriously looking at the BB Playbook, but the software just isn't there yet.
This was a no brainer for me.
The Kindle Fire will make a nice media consumption device.

I already have a 3G kindle for reading books.

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