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Comment Re:I'm one of those that pre-ordered. (Score 1) 291

I've disliked Apple and Steve Jobs since for a variety of reasons since the early 90s.
1) They crushed the Mac clone market
2) Until switching to Intel's CTD chips,they sold inferior hardware for bloated prices to their legions of loyal fans.
3) Jobs/Pixar/Stock options
4) iTunes

Amazon provides solid hardware at great prices, they allow me to copy PDFs directly to my Kindle via a regular, 99 cent USB cable, they provided free instant videos to Prime Users, etc, etc, etc.

Apple will not get a penny from me at long as they insist on controlling everything via iTunes and selling proprietary crab accessories like cables for $40.

Comment I'm one of those that pre-ordered. (Score 1) 291

I don't own a tablet yet. I refuse to give Apple any money, and other tablets didn't impress me.
I like that this thing is only 7" and will fit into an inside suit jacket pocket.
I was seriously looking at the BB Playbook, but the software just isn't there yet.
This was a no brainer for me.
The Kindle Fire will make a nice media consumption device.

I already have a 3G kindle for reading books.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 1324

Newton was a devout bible scholar and a subscriber to the idea of Arian Heresy http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arianism/

Copernicus was a priest.

What's your point?

Religious believers/advocates doing science is still science. Science is a method.
Newton didn't discover calculus or the laws of motion in the bible or the koran. He observed and experimented; he was doing science.

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