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Comment Re:Tens of millions (Score -1) 387

Subsisting patents? Patents that eke out a living for themselves barely beyond the needs for sheer survival? God, you are fucking retarded, aren't you, Tepples? go rip off someone else's video game again and don't bother coming back to whine to us about it. Or go kill yourself. Actually, go for the second option, it will raise the world's collective IQ.

Comment Re:I want both (Score -1) 221

Maybe you should buy a computer if you want to run Linux, not a game console.

So what should I buy if I both want to run Linux and want to play games?

Or maybe you should just shut the fuck up and go kill yourself for the betterment of humanity, especially the segment of humanity that reads Slashdot and has to put up with your drivel. TL;DR DIAF!

Comment Re:Blackberry? (Score 0) 229

But if you're running BES (or the free Professional if you're small), everything is encrypted end to end with your own key. That's why they are so secure; 3rd parties don't have access to your data. In India & Saudi Arabia the government has put taps on the telco provided BES, but they still can't tap your private BES communications if your server is outside.

And it all passes through the single point of failure that is RIM's server farm before reaching the client, and what could be more secure than an email that is never delivered, right?

Comment Re:Immigration is a much bigger problem (Score -1) 404

That is total bullshit. The vast majority of immigrants coming to Canada do so because they will not be required to assimilate in any way, and they build their enclaves, shutting out anyone else. The immigration policies of the 1970s and 1980s along with the citizenship for cash program toward Hong Kong before the handover did more to damage Canada than 200 years of American TV ever could.

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