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Comment Re: The price hike is minimal... (Score 1) 460

Ah, I see. I believe that your logic is flawed. That some people may tolerate or even welcome ads does not indicate that they aren't important.

Particularly for Netflix, which for years now has been a refuge for those who do not even tolerate ads.

Well, Hulu offers both commercial and commercial free subscriptions. They report 9M subscribers for the commercial version and 3M for the commercial free version. Based on their users, it would appear that commercial free is important for about 25% of their users. Since both versions offer the same content, using them for the analysis rules out other "important" issues such as available content. Nielson states that the demographics of Netflix and Hulu viewers are the same, so unless one can come up with an explanation as to why their viewing preferences are different, I'll stand by that the commercial free is not important to most people.


Comment Re: The price hike is minimal... (Score 1) 460

Then what are you basing your assertion that ads aren't important on? Without some sort of evidence, you're just making a guess that is more likely to be biased by your own opinion than any halfway competent survey is biased by the pollsters.

The fact that many others subscribe to various services that do include ads. No opinion, just direct observation.

Comment Re:The price hike is minimal... (Score 1) 460

I have friends and relatives who tried Amazon and were disappointed. I don't need two day shipping, I only buy stuff from Amazon once a year at most.

Then Amazon Prime would not be a benefit to you. On the other hand, many people do shop a lot with them which makes their decision matrix different. I, too, don't have a prime account, but I do see a number of shows I would watch if they were available on Netflix. My problem is that if I'm going to subscribe to three or four streaming services, I might as well have cable.

Comment Re:The price hike is minimal... (Score 1) 460

Amazon is still a wannabe player in the market. It's big market segment is people already subscribed to Amazon prime, they're not getting a lot of new customers. Their selection is really terrible, and if there's something good then chances are you may have to pay extra for it above and beyond the subscription.

For the old price of a Netflix subscription, you can have Amazon Prime, get equivalent content that you did from Netflix and free two day shipping on stuff you order. Netflix's solution to the competition -- raise prices. Yeah, that will work. [/sarcasm]

Comment Re: The price hike is minimal... (Score 1) 460

'Without ads' is important to 74% of netflix subs according to a survey last month that showed they'd drop the service if it introduced ads.


I know it's /. but I'm still pretty sure that 74% represents 'most'.

That is not the same as saying that ads are not important to most people. If the question had been phrased "Would you be willing to have three ads at the beginning of a show if that meant a 12.5% reduction in your subscription rate?" would probably generate a different response. (BTW, the 12.5% is the amount of the rate increase for most users).

Most surveys are a) not statistically valid and b) are consciously or subconsciously biased to the answer the questioner expects. As such, they aren't really very useful at all.

Comment Re: The price hike is minimal... (Score 1) 460

Without ads isn't important to most people? I'll need a citation.

Obviously if one has the choice to watch a program with or without ads, most people would chose without ads. However, that is not the choice being presented. It is to watch programs with ads, say on Hulu, or not watch them at all. And even Hulu has started allowing all the ads to be preloaded at the front of content to keep from interrupting it.

So the question really is not about the importance of ads, but the importance of being able to view the content.

Comment Re:Not so much bypassing regional restrictions.... (Score 1) 161

But alas, as I'm in the U.S. I will have to wait till it comes out a year later on US Netflix. I will survive..somehow.

I'm not sure how you'll survive in the USA since apparently some dangerous, perhaps gun wielding, person is preventing you from seeing Star Trek for a year. After all you said you have to wait, which implies that you have no choice in matter. Now if you had said that you are choosing to wait because you don't want to pay to subscribe to CBS' online service, that would be one thing, but that's not what you said. You said you have to wait, so perhaps you should see what your legal remedies are against these people who are preventing you from potentially subscribing to the service.

The OP used the term "have" correctly. To use it in the way you intend would be like saying nobody has to wait to go to the bathroom as they can always choose to go right where they are at. In short, it doesn't require one to be coerced with a gun until one has to wait for something. I bet you had to wait, just for this post and nobody was holding a gun on you to do so, or did you choose to wait?

Comment Re:The U.S.A. army? (Score 1) 126

If the U.S.A. army runs Windows 10 does that mean the other countries will be able to spy on them easily?

The US army isn't switching to Windows 10. They are switching to something that looks like Windows 10, but supposedly has certain features removed or disabled. Of course, re-enabling them is just a software patch away, either from official sources or not.

Comment Re:Nothing to see here (Score 1) 269

Nothing to see here - the pricing mechanism is an insanely reactive stockmarketeers wet dream and not something that should have been implemented.
All it has taken is a cable outage to sent prices through the roof.
Prices going through the roof due to such an insane pricing construct reacting to an outage is given some one issue idiots an excuse to once again complain about windmills.

So all up it's about an extreme reaction to something trivial.

I agree with this. It's not that gas prices were higher than anticipated. It's that they built their energy plan on a speculative market. That is the flaw in the system. Now they are faced with regulating the market, which is undesirable for investors or ignoring it, thus hurting consumers (and businesses, too). But, hey, it's easier to say gas prices are higher than anticipated than we f*cked up.

Comment Higher than expected gas prices? (Score 1) 269

How can they have higher than expected gas prices? Surely, they didn't think the glut of oil and natural gas would be permanent in their cost analysis! By what means could electricity ever be $14,000(AU) per KW/H given the current world energy climate? Something else is the cause of this and this just smells like a coverup.

Comment Re:Just like sony... (Score 1) 141

... with their "boot other" retroactively removed. Only, redmond never promised they'd offer. On the other hand, removing a way to blow new life into dead-end hardware still seems like kicking the customer when he's fallen and trying to get up. Next you know the same thing'll happen to peecees.

Tin foil hat time: Now we know why you can run "ubuntu apps" on windows. Once peecees are locked down the only way to run your fave linux software is if it's an "ubuntu app" and hey, you can run those under windows, right? No need to install anything else, see? Or something to that slimy tune.

Don't buy locked-down anything, people. On principle. Tell your friends and family too.

It doesn't matter if they never promised to offer that feature, they did in fact offer it. So, removing it after the device has been purchased is a valid consumer complaint. Car analogy - car manufacturers don't promise the top speed one can drive their vehicles, but if they apply a software update that suddenly throttles the vehicle to a max speed of 70, people would rightly be upset, even if that is the legal speed limit.

Manufacturers warrant a product for a particular use, but that doesn't mean the purchaser can't use it for some other use if they so choose.

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