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Comment This is exactly what we wanted all along. (Score 1) 197

This is EXACTLY what we wanted all along. More competition == better products. As an iOS user, I was excited to hear that Apple was ditching the Google Maps API because the current maps app is so terrible. Anything would be better. So now we'll have a much improved Apple maps app, and a vastly improved separate Google maps app. Win win win!

Comment Piracy will never go away. (Score 3, Interesting) 272

Piracy will never go away. It's literally part of the market itself. No matter what kind of laws or restrictions they impose, people always find a way to share information. So it's not a force that's hurting the market, it's simply part of it. And if the copyright holders can just learn to use it to their advantage, it can be one of the most powerful forms of advertising online. It doesn't cost them any customers or money, it only provides new opportunities.

Comment computer hacking group Anonymous (Score 1) 336

This pisses me off so much!! There is no "computer hacking group Anonymous." Anonymous is the name for lots and lots of anonymous, nameless people on the internet, who band together at their own whim to hack computers and make mischief and other things. Don't write a bloody article about Anonymous when you don't even know what Anonymous is!

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