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Comment This would be cool if... (Score 1) 205

I'd love to see one of these little guys with six cores, dual nics, up to 16gb ram, and an external sata port. With an x86 based cpu they would make beautiful super cheap nodes for a private openstack cloud. Since people would be buying several of them and some companies might even considering building very large stacks on them the volume would allow them to be cheaper than this.

Comment Re:3.5 a month? (Score 1) 153

Most of those will come with the phone. At 3.5 a month that would cover a couple months maybe even 4 months at that rate if you really hate default apps but you'd really have everything in a month. Where are all these other apps coming from? 3.5/month is 42 apps in just the first year with a 2 year upgrade pace that is 84 apps. Insane to think you'd remember what all that is. Maybe these are 6 month phone switchers who have a decent number of apps and automatically redownload everything with each new phone and that gets counted again with each phone. That would be 24 apps downloading with/over the course of each phone which sounds somewhere in the ballpark of sane. Especially because people tend to play with new things when they get a new phone.

Comment Re:Intent (Score 1) 74

Which is ridiculous. The republican centric news sources are so ridiculous nobody with critical thinking skills believes in them. The D flavor spin actually tries to sound intelligent and appeal to people who've taken a critical thinking course, relying on logic and avoiding obvious logical fallacies and rhetoric.

The D media dropped all pretense during the Sanders v Clinton thing right through the convention. Of course D and R are really just two faces of the same ruling party designed to keep us divided.

Comment Re:The man is a traitor and should be shot (Score 1) 343

"If you take a look at the two parties, they differ on a lot of issues, including health care, abortion, equal rights for people with nonstandard sexuality, social programs, and the role of government in the US. They agree on many issues, including some I disagree with, but that's how it's going to be with the two-party system our election processes implicitly mandate."

You seem to have this odd idea that what they say to you to get elected and/or divide you is what they care about/stand for/etc. Stating two positions and pretending to be competitors means the things they want can pass while the things they don't but said they did can fail and be blamed on "the other guy" who is really just part of the same team.

Look at the illegal NSA domestic wiretapping. Whose interest did it serve for some to pretend outrage, some to claim support, then pass a bill to "reform" that actually just gave congressional blessing to unconstitutional and illegal actions? Whatever congress had the authority to legalize was legalized by the bill and the bill has language legalizing all sorts of things congress doesn't have the authority to legalize. Somehow both parties were on board with "reforming" by blessing in reality and lying to the public indicating they were putting a stop to the illegal activity on the other?


Comment Re: Arrest warrent is being drawn up now (Score 1) 337

That is a failed analogy. T-Mobile did tell him he could come in.

This is more akin to you unlocking the door of your house, giving me permission to go in and use the phone and me using the bathroom while there.

Second, T-Mobile might have intended speedtests built for that purpose but one could argue loading non-optimized content gives a better indication of performance and therefore his proxy IS a speed test. At least one could argue it if the idiot hadn't posted about hacking free data publically.

Comment Re: Arrest warrent is being drawn up now (Score 1) 337

"Like it or not, theft of services is a thing, and this kid would be guaranteed to have been found guilty of it regardless of how desperately you may wish to try and mis-read the law in your favour."

First this is an American website, the correct spelling is favor. Second, this kid probably would be found guilty of theft of services but that is only because judges have been misreading the law in corporations favor.. not just in these cases but pretty much across the board.

Comment Re: Arrest warrent is being drawn up now (Score 1) 337

I don't see exploitation here, this is a whitelist not a bug. T-Mobile intentionally opened this door, doing something T-Mobile didn't anticipate when you walk through it is beside the point, you are using your own device but one T-Mobile created to access their network and you are using it through a T-Mobile created hole.

Comment Re:Not anymore! (Score 1) 337

My strategy was social engineering. I used a small local isp that also sold parts and had a few pc service clients. I came in a couple times and bought parts when I needed them and chatted up the guy. He was fully convinced I was a freelancer with lots of clients. I then told him I had a move planned and couldn't guarantee what they would choose but that I'd recommend him to all my clients as their new guy if he'd hook me up with a free dialup account that didn't expire.

Account worked for several years.

Comment Re:The man is a traitor and should be shot (Score 1) 343

"In the US, there are two parties that differ significantly from each other, and both frequently win elections."

The US has one party with two flavors of spin designed to carefully divide the population in order to keep them from uniting and looking too closely while they strip the Constitution and the people of power. It can be argued the Constitution was never really more than something to rally people behind and ignore when inconvenient. The president hands over all power every 10 years to prevent the president from having much power. The people who are actually in charge aren't politicians at all, the nation is run by the wealthy elite and the unelected military/intelligence complex which does not give up power.

Comment Re: Doll. Fin. (Score 1) 305

When it comes to language correct has nothing to do with better or worse. It is correct to communicate using the protocol best understood by the party you are trying to communicate with to the best of your ability, this insures the highest degree of fidelity in your communicatation. Ultimately fidelity of information exchange is the point and language is nothing more than a tool used to accomplish it.

Comment Re:Hmmm (Score 1) 343

The patriot act itself isn't legal. Just because someone makes a "law" doesn't actually make something legal, the someone had to have the authority to back that law in the first place and all federal and state authority comes from the Constitution, the highest law in the land. Anything they do that isn't within that authority or is counter to it, is illegal and police enforcing it are nothing more criminal scum traitors to the only authority which do not derive their authority from law, the people.

Once you start looking for it, you will see a pattern that persists across parties over time of taking on greater federal power and weakening the people's innate power. It comes on many fronts ranging from weakening force of arms to weakening force of juries to psychological warfare convincing the people they are powerless. This is a CIA psychological warfare tactic developed during the cold war, they feared sci-fi writers were doing this very thing about the unwinnability of world war 3 aka nuclear war. It's like how cheaters suspect the actions of their partners because they know the way they themselves lie and hide actions.

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