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Comment Re:Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) (Score 1) 137

This would be more of an issue if they had still been supporting PowerPC, since Leopard was the last OS X version for PPC (PPC support ended with 3.6.x.). It seems silly though that they discontinued Leopard support in the version right before the ESR. At least all Intel Macs can upgrade to Snow Leopard, and TenFourFox is keeping PPC on life support for now. Still, Mozilla's discontinuation of Mac platforms is widely disproportionate to their Windows counterparts.

Submission + - Best Multi-User CMS Platform?

Deathnerd writes: I'm a guy with a great idea (aren't we all?). Unfortunately, my idea requires the participation and submissions of others in order to work. I'm looking for a CMS platform that will enable users to create an account if they so desire, post submissions (an anonymous option is mandatory), and comment on posts that have been made. I have looked at things like WordPress (not much luck there), Joomla! (really didn't like it), and Drupal (I liked this one best, but couldn't find a multi-user solution for it). I'd prefer to have a FOSS solution, but I'm willing to pay for one as well.

Thanks Slashdotters!

Comment Re:No, it's okay. Urban living still rocks (Score 1) 348

Reading personal attack into regular language is textbook paranoia.

And therefore it is right at home on Slashdot.

On a more serious note, I live in an urban high-rise apartment building and get terrible Wi-Fi reception. While baby monitors and other 2.4 GHz devices may share some of the blame, my hunch is it has more to do with the 30-or-so Wi-Fi networks my computer can see (and however many it can't). I just switched most of my home network to olde fashioned wires, and things are running much more smoothly.

Comment Re:Sigh (Score 1) 94

On two trips, we paused the game for a moment and walked away to do something. A week later, I come home from my trip and find the game still paused. Whoops! This works great... until you try to use the system again. Nasty error code and a $100 fix from Nintendo to get the drive to work again.

Don't leave the disc on!

Or just lay off the 10,080 minute movies.

Comment Re:Sigh (Score 1) 94

Some people don't like to have half a dozen devices connected to their TV's if one device is capable of performing most of those tasks.

Certainly no one on Slashdot! That's grounds for having your geek card revoked.

Comment Re:Not sure of the value of this. (Score 2, Insightful) 171

On a related subject, I've also wondered why they target ads to kids anyway. They can't drive, don't have much money and from my experience if I whined and pleaded with my dad to buy me something I saw on TV I generally got sent to my room.

Are you kidding? Child marketing is a huge industry. Coincidentally, I'm pretty sure Dante reserved one of the lower circles of Hell for child marketers.

Comment Re:Did His Contract Specify "Internal Waters"? (Score 1) 410

This is the text I got on my cruise a couple of months ago:

AT&T Free MSG: Int[upside down question mark]l data rate of $.0195/KB applies. Unlimited domestic data rates do NOT apply when outside the U.S. Details:

I may have gotten it at one of the ports, rather than via the ship. Of course AT&T was nice enough to send me the free text after sending me a regular text from a friend, right when I turned my phone on.

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