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Comment garbage article (Score 4, Insightful) 319

I use Firefox almost exclusively and I am very happy with it.
I don't see how this article is relevant to Firefox anyway. Who was going to use firefox on a TV, or toaster IoT anyway?
THis is Mozilla being smart so they can put more resources into the projects that matte more, including firefox for mobile and desktop.

Comment Re: Smart, hydrogen clearly superior.... (Score 1) 124

Except you can't fill up with hydrogen at home. All this garbage about needing electric charging stations everywhere is moot when you account for everyone with an electric car charging it at night in their garage. We should only need public charging stations for road trips and forgetfulness/emergencies.

Hydrogen is far less convenient than electric and has gotten a slow start. Therefore my bet right now is heavily on electric, especially when you account for battery swap tech that already has been demonstrated. Moving away from battery ownership towards battery-as-a-service is probably the next logical innovation.

I don't see anything hydrogen offers other than appealing to existing consumer habits.

Comment Re: Where do you fill up? (Score 1) 293

This is the elephant in the room. Not only is charging up at home more convenient than finding a fueling station, but I have zero confidence that compressed hydrogen fuel will be cost competitive with electricity.
Will it be worth thousands of dollars per year to reduce your fueling time by 25 minutes, given the average person will only need such a fueling station a handful of times per year?
Keep in mind, being able to fuel up at home in an electric car means you'll save significant time not driving out of your way to get to fueling stations.

Comment Re:goodbye Kickstarter (Score 1) 20

Actually no. As a repeat backer (~20 projects), I'd really like to know when a project comes along that there is a high likelihood I would back. I've been posting a request for years now that Kickstarter put together an opt-in option that would email me when "backers similar to you are backing a new project". As long as such an email was reasonably accurate about when I'm likely to back, and didn't spam me incessantly with art projects, it would be great. It certainly would be heaps better than the weekly email that Kickstarter sends out right now, which is loaded with stuff that I have no interest in. At this point I just shunt it to trash folder without reading it.

I occasionally miss on good/interesting projects simply because they don't manage to reach me through social media or any other means. Kickstarter at this point has a pretty severe discoverability problem, and I feel anything that helps cut through that issue would be a positive development.

Comment Kill two birds with one stone (Score 1) 151

I'm sure it's economically impractical, but it strikes me that filling some of the worlds emptying water basins by towing large antarctic icebergs to a nearby port and then breaking them up for shipment is a win-win scenario.

Obvious downside: fossil fuel use to get water where it is most useful may exacerbate the problem over time.

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