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Comment Re:18:9 Display? (Score 1) 82

What's the difference between an 18:9 display and a 2:1 display?

Duh, obviously the former has 9 times more* pixels than the latter.

*(Actually, it's 8 times more, or 9 times as much, in each linear dimension, so 81 times as much in total. But this is marketing, so don't worry about the techy details.)

Comment Re:Too little at any time (Score 2) 142

This. School isn't about making experts in the subjects, there's simply no time for that. It's about enough exposure to different subjects so you can (a) find your own thing, and (b) get some idea of the wide and diverse world you'll be living in.

Incidentally, I'm about to teach a small course/workshop in algorithmic art at a local school. I'm not expecting all of them to become algorithmic artists, but I hope they'll learn something about using math and code to express their ideas.

Comment Re:Practical? (Score 1) 142

The bit change is not necessary for computation at all from information theory perspective. Theoretically, no energy needed at all for any computation. Whatever, you can do with active circuit, can be done using passive circuit (e.g. your camera lens can be used for FFT). The energy is only needed for reading information. So no matter, how complex the cryptography is, the theoretical energy required to decrypt is zero.

Yes and no. In my understanding as a physicist, bit flipping per se is free, but you need a minimum of 1/2 kT of energy to destroy information (create entropy). To avoid destroying information during computation, you basically need to store every step you do, so the operation becomes reversible (google "reversible computing" for more). This is not usually practical, so most of computing does suffer from the 1/2 kT limit per bit operation.

The lens example is valid IMHO, as Fourier transform is reversible (and there are similar integer transforms to stay bit-exact, if you're worried about floats.) But to make that practical, you need to store all that information somewhere.

Comment Yeah, because... (Score 1) 514

"...mass-mobilization warfare, violent and transformative revolutions, state collapse, and catastrophic epidemics. Hundreds of millions perished in their wake, and by the time these crises had passed, the gap between rich and poor had shrunk." the time the catastrophe was over, the wealth was gone. So naturally the gap had shrunk.

Comment Re: s/drug trials/climate change/g (Score 1) 326

The same experiment has been done for 100 years, and consistently reproduces the same results. Take a sealed, transparent tank of air. Shine sunlight on it. Take the temperature. Increase the percentage of CO2 in the tank. Shine sunlight. Take the temperature. The CO2-richer air has a higher temperature.

Comment Re:Nothing says demand like not buying new phones (Score 1) 114

That's nothing, you should see the pent-up demand for buggy whips!!! That market has about 100 years of "delayed" sales, it's gonna be yuuuuuuuuuge!!! Hell, joking aside I'm going to use a variant of that in my slide decks: "This isn't a drop in sales, it's pent up demand!"

Comment Re:Self defeating (Score 1) 337

Don't be so pessimistic! Once the AI figures out 98% of us are consuming system resources in a pseudo-zombie state, it'll code up the equivalent of a unix "kill" program to "release" those resources back to the system. I saw a documentary with Arnold Schwarzenegger that covered this topic a while back.

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