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Comment Re:Because most people already assume the worst (Score 1) 308

Unless information comes out that says the CIA is performing surveillance on americans on american soil, then yes, I am assuming that the CIA is using the information in here to actually do their job. Which is to spy. Pretty much everything that has been released from Vault 7 is basically information saying "the CIA is doing it's job" and "here's roughly how the CIA is doing it's job." The NSA leaks on the other hand showed an agency that was operating well outside of it's traditionally understood role by performing massive dragnet surveillance effectively against every single american and other person on american soil through the use of secret court rulings, novel legal interpretations and a decent mix of "why the fuck not"-sterism. I could very well believe these tools, if specific other agencies have them, could be used against americans. However I very much doubt the CIA has been sharing. Simply because part of the reason these things work is that others don't know they have them, and sharing these things or even offering to help other agencies by offering to let others have the fruits gleaned from using them could let information out about their existence.

Comment Re:Next wiki dump coming (Score 1) 822

Then why wait a week before the election?If it's something big enough to get her arrested immediately they should release it now. Anything else would take too long through the system that she couldn't even be charged until after the election, just due to investigation necessary given the source and circumstances of the release.

But you release that close and there is no way in hell it isn't fresh in the minds of voters when they go into the polls, plus Clinton ends up spending all that time responding to that charge as opposed to simply campaigning normally or effectively attacking Trump. Which, if your goal is making sure Clinton doesn't get the presidency is a pretty good strategy.


NASA Contracting Development of New Ion/Nuclear Engines (nasaspaceflight.com) 70

schwit1 writes: NASA has awarded three different companies contracts to develop advanced ion and nuclear propulsion systems for future interplanetary missions, both manned and unmanned. These are development contacts, all below $10 million. However, they all appeared structured like NASA's cargo and crew contracts for ISS, where the contractor does all of the development and design, with NASA only supplying some support and periodic payments when the contractor achieves agreed-upon milestones. Because of this, the contractors will own the engines they develop, and will be able to sell them to other customers after development, thereby increasing the competition and innovation in the field.

Comment Re:Piling on? (Score 1) 184

So you are alleging a conspiracy by every producer of dedicated ereaders with eink displays (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Cybook, and a hojillion others) to keep expensive new screens produced by the same company that makes the screens they currently are using out of their product lines?

Comment Re:hmm (Score 1) 280

That's wonderful as long as Amazon is still in business. Yeah, you can say that Amazon staying in business is probably a safe bet, but shit happens. For the average user unDRMing their already DRMed books isn't much of an option, and if Amazon goes tits up for some reason or decides to shut down their Kindle service then they can say byebye to all their stuff the second something happens to w/e devices they have their books on. DRM free content doesn't just let you access stuff across a number of devices now, it lets you actually hang onto your digital content past the life of w/e service and the life of whatever format it was in originally.

Comment Re:The other side of the coin (Score 3, Insightful) 378

No, you can avoid a monopoly by going without it's services or products. You might end up either slightly inconvenienced, or living like a cave man, or dieing from some horrible disease because said monopoly makes some drug that you need to not die slowly and painfully, but you can avoid it. Think "Matrix" with this. As long as you technically have a choice, it is all good and wholly acceptable. The second you don't, there are issues. Of course, some of us live in the real world. Where "I can technically disassociate myself from these bastards" doesn't really work out to much of a choice.

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