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Comment Still using BD-R (Score 1) 385

I use BD-R as a method of backing up my photography work as I hit certain quotas of data (obviously pointless to burn a BD if I don't have ~25GB waiting to burn to it). I do still buy Blu-ray movies (and lately the 4K UltraHD variants) mostly because a) I want to "own" the movies (even if the studios think they're only licensing the content to me), and b) I like to use tools like makemkv to rip the disc and store it on a hard drive collection of movies. At approximately 25-35GB per movie, it can get kind of large, but the picture quality is worth it.

Wondering how long it'll be before we can rip 4K UHD Blu-rays though. :/

Comment Mostly for gaming (Score 1) 170

I use them mostly for gaming. I've found phone screens to be too small, both from a visual perspective, as well as an interface perspective. I couldn't imagine trying to use them for productivity though. Can you get BT keyboards (or use the on-screen keyboard)? Sure, but both typically sacrifice something (appearance, feel, layout) to remain portable. Even laptop keyboards don't feel right compared to a desktop keyboard.

Having said that, as others have suggested, they do have their limited uses. Watching videos, browsing the web and performing basic tasks (sending an e-mail, updating a spreadsheet, making minimal edits to a document) all fit within reasonable use for them. I also think as their prices come down they will be a basic addition for most people for just those very reasons: performs all of the tasks they can with their phone, but on a significantly larger and easier to see/interact with screen. I know the Galaxy Tab S2 is a natural complement to folks that use the S6 or S7: you can take calls/texts received by your phone on the tablet. I wouldn't be surprised to see similar functionality on iPads for folks with iPhones.

Submission + - 'Star Trek' actor who played Chekov, dead at age 27 (

An anonymous reader writes: "The young actor who played Chekov in the newer "Star Trek" movies has died tragically at age 27.

Anton Yelchin was killed in a car crash early Sunday morning on June 19, 2016, according to his publicist.

Yelchin started small with roles in indie films and various television shows, before breaking out in films like "Alpha Dog" and the teenage comedy "Charlie Bartlett." His biggest role to date has been in the rebooted "Star Trek" films. The third reboot, "Star Trek Beyond," is in theaters in July 2016.

Yelchin was born in Russia. His parents were professional figure skaters who moved the family to the United States when Yelchin was a baby."

Submission + - Google staff protest casual sexism by adding "Lady" to their job titles

AmiMoJo writes: More than 800 members of Google's staff are standing together in a showing against sexism today by appending a single word to their job titles: "Lady." This is happening in response to a ludicrous comment made during Alphabet's shareholder meeting last week, when someone referred to company CFO Ruth Porat as the organization's "lady CFO." The idea sprouted in an email group for alums of a Google leadership-development program for women. One employee suggested that they should all change their titles to "Lady ___" in acknowledgement and lighthearted protest of the incident. As in "Lady Systems Engineer," or "Lady People Analytics Manager." As of now, more than 800 Googlers — women and men — have changed their job titles in the company-wide directory or in their email signatures.

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