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Submission + - Most web programming languages vunerable to denial (

Daniel_Staal writes: "Ars Technica is reporting: "Researchers have shown how a flaw that is common to most popular Web programming languages can be used to launch denial-of-service attacks by exploiting hash tables. Announced publicly on Wednesday at the Chaos Communication Congress event in Germany, the flaw affects a long list of technologies, including PHP, ASP.NET, Java, Python, Ruby, Apache Tomcat, Apache Geronimo, Jetty, and Glassfish, as well as Google's open source JavaScript engine V8. The vendors and developers behind these technologies are working to close the vulnerability, with Microsoft warning of "imminent public release of exploit code" for what is known as a hash collision attack."

OCert advisory here."

The Internet

Submission + - Network Solutions stands by policy.

Daniel_Staal writes: "Apparently Network Solutions believes nothing is wrong with it's policy on registering domains: After review, they have decided to stand by their policy, and continue to register every domain checked. Why? To save us from scammers: "We would be perfectly happy to end this process if ICANN or the registries would do something to protect small businesses or other small users." Apparently the point is to register them before the scammers have a chance to, and not to make money for Network Solutions: "We are not trying to make a bunch of money off of this.""

Submission + - Best International Sub-notebook?

Daniel_Staal writes: "My sister will be traveling abroad next year on a one-year study program. She has indicated to the tech guy in the family (me) that she would like something she would be less likely to mind loosing as her computer than her current iBook when she does. Any suggestions on a sub-laptop computing device?

Her requirements are fairly straighforward, but contain a couple of oddities. Basically she wants to be able to keep in contact with people, and do her homework. For that she needs email, VoIP (Skype, for preference), web browsing and MS Office or compatable. The kicker is that her homework will be in Arabic, while her email/web will be in English. (Or, at least mostly.) She wants a keyboard; she'd probably be ok with 3/4 size keys, but I'd have to convince her. VoIP is not a deal-breaker, just a strong request.

So, what small size/cost factor portables do you know that have good Arabic support and can be used for basic web access? My current thought is a HP Jornada, but I'm not sure what to compare it to. (And I'm not sure about Arabic support.)"

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