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Comment Re:No generics (Score 1) 221

Generics are a touchy subject, they make the code awful but they save you from writing more of it. As a side note C++ does just that with its generics implementation (the compiler creates a different code for each class that uses the generic class) that is why C++ compiler is slow. Java does not do that in its generics implementation, but the Java way has its own trade-offs.

Comment Re:I don't think it will gain much traction (Score 1) 175

Yeah it is because the optimizing compiler does not know how to optimize those things yet. But in reality having a proper examinable bytecode would be better for those times you actually need every little bit of performance. Examining the bytecode of your own code is easier than trying to understand the compiler (badly documented and forever evolving) optimizations.

Comment Re:I don't think it will gain much traction (Score 2) 175

V8 actually has two JIT compillation modes exactly because of things like this. One handles "easy" functions and the other handles "hard" functions (functions that contain eval or try and catch for example), the "easy" compiller has worse performance. This link explains it well:

Great read for people who want to optimize for V8, many of the tips should be valid for other javascript engines as well.

From the article:

Currently not optimizable (ie will use the slower compilation method):
Generator functions
Functions that contain a for-of statement
Functions that contain a try-catch statement
Functions that contain a try-finally statement
Functions that contain a compound let assignment
Functions that contain a compound const assignment
Functions that contain object literals that contain __proto__ , or get or set declarations.

Likely never optimizable:
Functions that contain a debugger statement
Functions that call literally eval()
Functions that contain a with statement

Comment External eSataP SSD on company computer (Score 2, Funny) 210

My company gave us notebooks without SSDs, but they are pretty lax on external devices (you can bring your own mouse, pen drives and such). So I brought a SSD and bought an esatap cable (esata-powered, those cables are a pain in the ass to find ) and installed linux mint in it. I boot straight to linux (they don't lock the bios) and do not even use the HD inside the notebook. Since the company also seems to think that RAM is a non-renawable resource they also saw fit to give us only 4gbs of it, so my swap partition is also on the SSD.

This setup helps my work a lot, before I started doing this my workflow was frustratingly slow, now everything runs just fine. It helped a lot when the RAM runs out and it starts doing swap, it still gets slow but not anywhere near as much as before.

Comment Re:It is a vicious cycle (Score 1) 385

To me facebook is in the stage "said web application gets increasingly worse usually as a consequence of trying to monetize it or due to the sheer number of people using (drowning everyone else in noise)". The users have not yet started to migrate to alternatives.

Slashdot is the one that is only a shell of what it once was and digg is the one that is dead.

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