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Comment Re:Complete nonsense (Score 1) 400

On top of that, assuming that you can't retrofit an existing truck to be self driving is kind of silly. Especially if we are planning on having a human driver accompany the truck everywhere and handle complicated in town driving. I would guess a conversion kit would include a suite of sensors, a set of motors to actuate any controls that can't already be controlled electronically, and a computer which uses the aforementioned items to control the truck.

Comment Re:Lol (Score 1) 305

I get that they don't want every light industrial zoned bit of property occupied by office buildings. But their method of dealing with that issue is kind of ridiculous. They should divide the light industrial zoning class and assign those new classes as they deem appropriate. That said it is still silly as Palo Alto is a compact little bit of city that is right next to Los Altos, Mountain View, and Sunnyvale which all have plenty of gas stations last I checked. Plenty of the population of this country manages to live everyday further away from anything than that. People I work with live far enough out in the boonies that if they decide to eat out for dinner the closest thing is a 15-20 minute drive.

Comment Re:Oh please (Score 1) 72

Drones are an excellent source of titanium and schematics! My only real complaint with them is that they took forever to bring in reinforcements when I wanted to farm them. I spent awhile with 3 of the little flyers chasing me around waiting for them to call in bigger sentinels for me to kill as I was looking for a crafting component that they seemed to drop. Of course I eventually got tired of the kiting and not getting the drop and left. Once I got out of the atmosphere I was attacked by a sentinel fighter craft which dropped what I needed.

Comment Re: Oh please (Score 1) 72

I hadn't planned to buy it, and then it launched and there was the flood of criticism. Early last week I made the mistake of watching a couple LP videos from a youtuber that I subscribe to. By the end of the 2nd video I was telling myself I should stop watching or I'd end up buying it. Of course the next day I watched a 3rd video when I got home from work. The game was downloaded and installed in time to play after dinner.

There are some annoying issues to deal with, trade and crafting items not stacking along with UI's that take ages to complete loading come to mind. But by and large I've been having a great time. I love the alien language mechanic. I'd really like to see some way point management system and bookmarking for interesting planets and POI's.

Comment Re:NEVER give out your passwords (Score 1) 276

This concern is a little paranoid but here it is anyways. If the border security folks are at all clever about their jobs they will be using a tool that clones an image of the device before attempting to unlock it. In the event you give them an unlock code and it results in a different image from their clone then they will possibly make the conclusion that you caused them to destroy evidence. Depending on what you are doing and what they might decide to suspect you of having done, destroying evidence could either be very much in your favor or ruin your life.

Comment Re:the best way to lie to the public is to use % (Score 1) 990

I think once electrics start to become a large enough segment of the market we'll see people selling or renting generator packs sized to mount on a trailer hitch or even as a very small trailer. I suppose you could also make it a roof mounted thing but that would probably create a lot more drag than putting it behind the vehicle.

Comment Re:Don't spoil it [for us] - Devs (Score 1) 134

This reminds me of Starbound which was sort of a Terraria clone but with a scifi theme, when I tried it. There were some interesting elements but on a whole it felt bland. Even with thousands or millions of planets to visit there simply wasn't anything of value on any particular planet to make you want to explore it.

Comment Re:Dear god no (Score 1) 331

Going to the movies has almost always been a social experience for me. I've gone to see very few movies by myself. Usually I have gone with a group of friends or a date, and half the fun is discussing the movie afterwards. I agree that I wouldn't go to a movie to meet new people but as an activity for friends it's always been one of my favorites.

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