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Submission + - President Obama Commutes Chelsea Manning's Sentence 1

bbsguru writes: From NBC News:
President Obama has commuted the sentence of Chelsea Manning, the former Army intelligence officer, who is serving 35 years for giving classified information to Wikileaks.

The decision, made in the last days of his presidency, means that Manning can be freed May 17, seven years into her sentence.

More than 117,000 people signed a petition asking Obama to cut short the sentence. Fugitive leaker Edward Snowden said in a tweet that if Obama could only free one person, it should be Manning.

Comment Re:One more thing to charge (Score 1) 252

I did try repairing a set once but the beak was in that part of the wire where it enters the headset and it was bonded to the bit that was meant to prevent it from bending too sharply.

I've still got my old g930 set and plan to take it apart and see if I can fix it sometime, I just haven't gotten to it. It seems like the break though is in part of the headband which will mean fishing the wires back through once repaired. Additionally I don't have wire with which to repair it so if there isn't sufficient extra length then I've gotta buy more. By the time I consider all the time put into that, and still having to buy more materials I just decided to get a new pair seeing as how I got 3 years of good use out of them and they are regularly available for under $80.

Comment Re:One more thing to charge (Score 1) 252

I have to disagree. I've frequently had problems with the wiring for headphones. I went through probably half a dozen wired headset/mic combos in the course of a few years when I got married and could no longer get away with speakers all the time for my computer. I tried to always be careful of the cord and hang the headphones so there wasn't pressure on it. But inevitably the wire always developed a short inside of a year of use, with one pair shorting out at 3 months. I became a convert to wireless headphones when I found a cheapo IR pair for $40 and they lasted more than 2 years before the battery was mostly shot. Now I'm on my second set of a Logitec g930's, the first lasted 3 years before, you guessed it a wiring short inside of the headset cut off sound to the right hand side. I've heard complaints of these sets being fragile or having poor battery performance but I've experienced neither problem. Right up to the wiring short I was getting 8 hours of use between charges, and I could easily use them for an entire day of gaming if I plugged them in when I took breaks to do chores and eat meals.

In the end I would wager that wires represent the most likely cause of failure in headphones. Reducing the amount of wiring drastically reduces the chance of a wiring failure. That said I don't support Apples decision to eliminate the headphone jack, especially when their motive seems to be entirely driven by selling $150 ear buds, when $10 cheapo wired earbuds should be just fine.

Comment Re:What about globalism? (Score 1) 483

I was just reading an article that seemed to show that California is a net contributor to the federal budget. So your plan would backfire here in that they would be better off keeping the money and either reducing their taxes or increasing the amount they can spend. The additional danger of your suggestion is that it could result in individual states sorting themselves out and taking the additional steps to secede from the union. I mean if you've already cut them out of the union fiscally how do you expect to retain their loyalty?

Comment Re:What about in a accident? (Score 1) 114

Making the glass shatter doesn't take that much force provided you have a proper tool for it. You want something with a fine point made of very hard steel. You can buy little spring loaded tools for this that look like a fat ball point pen. The front windscreen is a bad candidate for emergency egress because the glass even once shattered is held in place by that layer of plastic and is glued in place all around the edges. The side windows even if made of the same sandwich construction are only attached along the bottom edge and can be pushed out more readily.

Comment Re:Not sure about the rest, but... (Score 1) 114

I watched the bullet video a few days ago and it's pretty entertaining stuff. I also saw a video where some guy put a small drop in a hydraulic press and it took about 20 tons of force to make it pop. The drop actually left relatively deep indentations in both the steel plate and cylinder used in the video.

Comment Re:Now we can all look through cracked windscreens (Score 1) 114

I heard something about this somewhere months ago. If irc they were planning on only using gorilla glass for the outside layer of glass. They needed the interior layer to still be the standard soda glass to keep the glass from deforming under air pressure. So the way it fractures might not be as much of an issue as the glass which is likely to be exposed to the passengers in an accident is the same as ever.

Comment Re:well, that's a few questions: (Score 1) 434

The cost of the limited amount of content is what is killing it for me. The TV and disc player both came with 3D as ubiquitous features on devices I was already buying. I've got a few movies in 3D but they were $30 each, which is way beyond what I would ordinarily consider paying for content. The only reason I ponied up in this case was that they were movies that I had really wanted to see but couldn't get to the theater to watch and I wanted to have anyways.

Comment Re:Glasses (Score 1) 434

Yeah, the passive glasses weren't or aren't an issue at my house. The two hangups I've found are:

1. Movies that aren't animated have a dfinite point of focus in each frame. Everything else outside of that focus is blurry, which gives you a headache or eyestrain if you try and look at it for too long. This doesn't bother me so much, but my wife is apparently always looking at the back and foregrounds instead of whatever is the focus of the frame. Consequently she gets a headache 20 minutes into a movie and wants to switch to the conventional format.

2. 3D content for your home is/was ridiculously expensive for adding a very minor fluff feature. $30 for a movie that is five plus years old? On top of that the 3D content just didn't seem to be that common, which is probably a knock on affect of the price.

Comment Re:No, really? (Score 1) 90

Troll is troll, such is life on the internet with anything someone likes.

I'm pretty sure I had more than 1k hours into the game before they even introduced the End, and another 1k since then. And I've still never found a fortress and gone to the End. I've also never installed any mods to alter game play, I've only every used lighting mods.

Comment Re:MS Nutty aquisitions (Score 1) 90

From a brief google search it looks like since august of 2014 they've sold about 8 million more copies on PC alone. So yes, a majority of the sales were made before the Microsoft acquisition. That said they've still sold a very significant number of copies since then, and it isn't like the profits from each sale prior to that were extracted immediately as dividends or whatever. And I see more and more Minecraft merchandise for sale all the time, that is an IP that is going to be paying dividends with minimal input for another decade or two.

Comment Re:Managed by morons (Score 1) 115

Some years ago I had a customer passed to me that wanted to know what kind of hoops they needed to jump through to get a Mongo DB approved for our network. No one I knew had ever even heard of it and after about 45 minutes of googling we had to just tell them it would likely never get approved. Getting a big name RDBMS that is actually engineered towards being secure approved is enough of a headache once the developers have had their way with it, Mongo was basically out of the question.

Comment Re:Actually five separate regional grids (Score 1) 504

I offered no insult to the designers of our power grids. I just said it'd be dumb not to use power grids where they exist. You seemed to be saying that a part of the country having cloud cover for a short period would spell doom and gloom. Such is not the case, you can shunt power from other areas, whether it is efficient or not, or you can build in power storage that is spread out among the regional grids, or do both. Our current system has very little in the way of power storage that can actually replace base load, and the grids aren't designed to transfer power from one to another very well.

Comment Re:90% reduction is common, not unprecented (Score 1) 504

Obviously some part of the nation can easily be covered by cloud cover for a few days. But this is only a serious problem if you put all of your generating capacity into a few small areas that are likely to be affected by this type of weather. We already have a national power grid, it'd be dumb as hell not to use it. So install many generating stations and storage facilities throughout the country, then when a region can't generate their own power for some period of time they pull from the national grid. So long as we've got a grid and take the average cloud cover for the country into consideration when building out capacity there is no reason for it to be a show stopper.

I've only been speaking in terms of current electricity usage. But so what if we decided to go all electric and replace all energy usage with electric. You say we'd need eight times more, why not just go with ten and say that we need 2,100 miles of storage tanker farms. That's still not a big deal considering with deeper/taller tanks you could shrink the foot print, that'd be enough energy for the entire USA for one week with not generating at all and replacing all over energy usage.

Comment Re:Photovoltaic degredation (Score 1) 504

Even when the panels are less efficient you can leave them up and producing. Just add the newer panels and increase the size of the installation. The only reason I can think of off hand to replace a panel is if it is actually not functioning, or you don't have room to expand the installation.

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