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Comment Re:Apple REULEZ! (Score 1) 408

On Slashdot your point is especially salient and I agree with the tone as well...

In your average real life scenario....socializing at the kid's little league game, at the bar, out on a cigarette break with random coworkers, waiting in line at a store, etc, it's a decent way to establish that you aren't the average "lol technology" user. If you have reasonable amount of authority in any random subject it isn't actually a dick move to highlight that fact to give your words more gravity.

Calm down.

Comment Of all the communities to try to pull this shit on (Score 5, Insightful) 2219

I would imagine the fact that this being, perhaps, one of the largest and most discerning groups of techno-literate and bullshit doublespeak phobic groups on the entire planet....I would imagine that would give someone in the organization some pause. Someone with enough pull that they might be able to communicate how suicidal that move would be to someone who might care, if for nothing more than profit potential concerns.

We are the filters. We see through this shit. This is perhaps why we aren't as click-baitable. Why we are so ad-averse. Why typical marketing paradigms have had no effect on us. We have the wherewithal to recognize it, the technical ability to eliminate it and the common sense to disregard it.

We aren't against being monetized. Lots of us make money doing that very thing. We are indeed a fickle crowd, but we are huge. We are smart. We want to be engaged.

...I'm starting to believe, as previously suggested, that this is an effort to bury /., as it has been deemed both unprofitable and perhaps a waste of money...perhaps even a way to bury value from another investment.

...who knows, lets get all tinfoil-hatty...maybe a conglomeration of so many technorati is undesirable to certain elements of society. Who knows what we might come up with? Tor? Mesh network? Uncompromisable encryption? Internet3? This is a concentration of brainpower from all ends of the information industry. All ends of all spectrums in information tech, electronics, security, programming, logic, mathematics, physics, all manner of political disciplines...maybe we're just a dangerous group?

Color me jaded, but, I think this is the end.

I'd just like to say to my comrades, It's been a brilliant and illuminating journey (for the most part). I've learned much, I've laughed even more. This one last hurrah has embiggened my heart. We have all universally united against a common foe--mediocritization...likely in vain.

I'll see you guys on the other side...wherever that may be.

Comment What a perfect example of why beta is bad... (Score 1, Offtopic) 249

This is absolutely astounding. This is one of the most absurd articles I have seen posted to /. in years...the amount of fanboy rage, absurd theories, wild conjecture, fallible much. This is such a juicy article. We have practically been waiting for this since the beginning of the iOS vs Android wars...

...and instead we have focused our efforts on drawing attention to the horrid design that is threatening our digital homestead.

If that doesn't drive home the point that beta = bad, well, I just don't know what will.

Flawless karma be damned, fuck beta.

After over 15 years of this site being my home page I will simply walk away and never look back if the concerns of the user community are not taken into serious consideration. Slashdot is the community.

Comment Re:This isn't fair! (Score 1) 192

They should have sent these SMS to the MPAA, RIAA crminals as well as the bought out Congress senators. Hilarity ensues.

If the members of the MPAA & RIAA had received them before the other people they would be suing all the other recipients - as well as the 'John Doe' sender - for copyright infringement.

Comment Re:Analyzing myself (Score 4, Funny) 266

So, you mean, is there any hope for me?

Sure there is. First, you'll seek twitter therapy and twitter assimilation resistance resistance. If that succeeds your tweets will be indistinguishable from 99% of the population (and most of your followers will finally be able to understand them).

If your TT&TARR fails you'll have to go to twitter court (most trials are very short) or simply go to twitter confessions and throw yourself on the mercy of 12 randomly selected twitter addicts. Once you're sentenced to twitter prison (where all you say and read are tweets) you'll be able to start paying your debt to the twitterverse. When the time comes for your parole review they'll analyze your tweets during your sentence to determine if you're ready for early tweetlease or if you need to try harder.

So yes, there is hope for you ... though not much hope for society at large if we're making DSM-V quality diagnoses based on twitter (unless we're determining that those who use twitter really have too much time on their hands).

Comment Really? (Score 4, Insightful) 266

The ability to predict psychopaths in under 140 characters? What have all these mental health professionals been doing? All these face-to-face interviews, "sessions" and observations. Maybe if they submitted their reports in only 140 characters they would have figured all this out a long time ago. /sarcasm

Comment Re:Australia is in the antipodes (Score 1) 33

What this means is that we have a new definition of common sense. However, I am a little confused, because the person says "As an Australian." Australians usually indicate they are Australian by saying "I am not Australian."

So you're saying his "As an Australian" comment was ironic when compared to the traditional response? <Vinne Barbarino>I'm so confused.</Vinne Barbarino>

Comment Re:Let's get it started (Score 2) 33

Let me guess, you're American...

To be fair, we Americans have an understanding of irony that is limited to the situations included in the Alanis Morissette song. If some of the people on the list that was lost were recent lotto winners and plane crash victims, or had they recently quick smoking, or had their wedding been rained upon then we might consider it irony, but only if we've heard the song recently enough to remember it.

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